Release : Duelpro 2009 (v5.0.1)!

We have just released a new version of Duelpro 2009 for Windows. It’s the first version that can be freely redistributed and which can be leached from our site by direct link. This version includes many interesting new features like :

-New engine
-New interface
-Less crowded composition
-Easier access and integration of the quick keys
-Lifepoints bar added
-New PDF help file
-Halve and double lifepoints feature added
-Undo feature added for the last action
-And much more tweaks and fixes

You can download the new version by clicking the screenshot below :

Duelpro 2009 Screenshot - Download

Duelpro 2009 Screenshot - Download

iDuelpro Mobile 3.0 for iPhone/iPod Touch finished and uploaded

After a long time we have released another update to iDuelpro Mobile, an iPhone OS version of Duelpro, the most used yu-gi-oh! tcg lifepoints calculator.

The new version contains an entirely revamped smooth black interface with toolbar. Also the custom input box to enter a number of lifepoints to operate with has been replaced completely by a series of buttons with predefined amounts. Also the useless card counter has been removed and the empty space is now filled by buttons to halve a player’s lifepoints and buttons to simulate coin flips and dice rolls. For the first time also an online help file has been added.

iDuelpro Mobile 3.0 will soon be available in the iTunes Application store for 0.99$. Yes, we have to charge a small amount for iDuelpro Mobile because we have to pay 99$ a year to Apple to be allowed to make Apps for the iPhone. So without this minor charge iDuelpro for iPhone and iPod Touch would be condemned.

iDuelpro Mobile 3.0 splash screen

iDuelpro Mobile 3.0 splash screen

iDuelpro Mobile 3.0 screenshot

iDuelpro Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch update

I red a few comments on the current test release of iDuelpro Mobile for the iPhone and I learned a few things out of this. So I started the development for iDuelpro Mobile 2.0 and it’s already finished!

But don’t cheer too soon, it still has to be put online and this release process could suffer gigantic issues because, well the service Apple provides for iPhone developers just sucks.

You can expect the following improvements :
-Ability to add lifepoints
-Lifepoints bars to get a visual interpretation of a player’s lifepoints
-Quick keys to subtract amounts as 1000, 500 or 100
-Slightly altered interface
-Special page for Duelpro/iDuelpro/iDuelpro Mobile

So I hope you will enjoy this release if I ever succeed to release it into the App Store. It is expected to be released within the next 3 weeks.

EDIT (4th of January 09′ 00:05 (GMT+1)) :
I was able to upload the 2.0 version after struggling with the iPhone SDK and the iTunes uploader. I had to retry 20 times, but the result is there, V2.0 is in review and now it’s all in Apple’s hands…

Release : 36-image converter!

Today is once again a big day for 36-image converter. Today we have released 36-image converter 4.4.4 which contains the second step towards our final goal (the first step was adding new frames and effects). We proudly announce IntelliBrush! IntelliBrush is a function which replaces the 36IC 4.4.3’s Pencil tool. By selecting a brush from the “Brush Gallery” you can draw on any image with multiple colors in one brush. These colors can even be sequential, this means that one second the primary color is used and the other second the secondary color, repeating this each second creating beautiful drawings. 

36-image converter contains 10 default brushes to test the function, as it is still in BETA. It is still in BETA because the “Brush Gallery” is quite messy and will be replaced by a separate application which will also enable you to create your own smart brushes.

36IC 4.4.4 does not only contain a new Brush tool, the Text tool is also updated and is finally out of its BETA-phase it has been simplified by enabling the user to move the text after insertion.

Other changes also include a separate tool to select colors from the image, an architectural update that enables us to quickly import new functions without having to mess with the interface, a new DashBoard and an updated help- and ReadMe file.

36-image converter will be available for download tomorrow on and will then also be available in the update channel for 36IC 4.4.3 users. It is already online so it is released, but our servers cannot handle the massive amount of downloads so we have to wait until it is uploaded on

LockPhix leaping towards release!

The development of the shareware System security tool LockPhix is going smoothly and it’s almost finished.


After the completion of the first tool, it took 3 days for the second tool to be completed. LockPhix FileVault (first announced FileEncrypt) is now also finished. Much code was taken from the engine of the unfinished 36-image converter “HummingBird” FileVault engine, but the code was debugged and many new features were added. Now you can simply encrypt a file by using the right click menu and decrypt it as easy by double-clicking it. The engine encrypts files at +-68Kb/sec and decrypts them at the same speed.


The next tool PasswordSafe uses an encrypted database to store your passwords. You can then easily find your passwords by opening PasswordSafe and entering 1 password. The next tool is expected to be finished and debugged on both windows XP and Windows Vista this Wednesday. The whole project is going as planned and will be finished Monday the 14th of April. Then it will require an additional week of testing and final debugging.