Support FileTorment Suite 2006 ends 31st of May

At the end of this month we will drop support for FileTorment 2006. This means that we will no longer respond to problems which may occur. FileTorment Suite 2006 keys can also be freely distributed now, but we will not deliver them anymore. So we will also stop selling FTS06 licenses at the end of this month. You will still be able to download FTS06 from and our servers. We will also drop support for infoBlaster IN4 and FileTorment Suite 2007 next year, like we did with PhBrowser 2006.

So next year we will have no original shareware applications left and if Blastgen development isn’t successful all our windows applications will probably be OpenSource and/or Freeware.

OpenSource windows system utilities

A while ago I decided to make a few system utilities we created in the first 2 years of our existence OpenSource. We don’t have a lot of time to continue their development and it still are OK applications, so I don’t like watching them waste away. That’s why I will put FileTorment, LoadDown, LockPhix and CachePhix in OpenSource hands, like I did with SpeedShut 4.

ROC our remote operating client will get an OpenSource variant called OpenROC. OpenROC will be the same but without encryption, this is to avoid that anyone is able to decrypt communication between the manager and the client of the normal ROC. OpenROC will get its own separate manager and will be put online with PHP-source code for the manager as well.

These changes in license will be applied when the next update is released of all these applications, somewhere this summer. All will be released under the XOSL (Phoenxsoftware OpenSource License). This license is created for SpeedShut and is comparable to the BSD license. Everything can be used freely in any project or under any name without having to give any credits, except the resources integrated and any names used. So you can decide to completely copy LockPhix but then you will have to rename it and make a new interface.

XOSL is developed because I think GPL is blocking people’s freedom to freely use code and that is not what OpenSource is all about! 

I will put these applications in OpenSource hands to make room for coming proprietary projects which require our full attention. As will become clear at the end of this week.