Announcement : Phix Software – Reality Distorting Software.

UIC Phoenxsoftware is known to rise from its ash time after time. that’s why I picked the name in 2005. (Actually it should be phoenixsoftware, but the “i” got lost somewhere along the way.)
We rose from the ash when we dropped windows development almost completely and left a number of successful freeware products behind with it resulting in a stable and self sustaining business on Mac OSX and iOS. We rose from the ash when we were hit by a copyright claim from the nice folks at KONAMI for our most successful product at that time iDuelpro, resulting in a 70% drop in revenue. And now we are ready to reimagine Phoenxsoftware for the third time, this time by rebranding UIC Phoenxsoftware to Phix Software.

This giant step comes not only with a new name, but also with a completely redesigned website and more focus on our commercial products. It also means we will release more serious products and have a bigger budget for marketing and more focused management. With the Mac OSX application we will release in a few days we take a first step in this new era.

Not all changes are positive for everyone. Our Windows users will have to settle with a lot less supported apps and some are even completely removed from our website.

Only the following products will be supported, maintained and get their own spot on the new site: MonoPhix (lite), MonoPhix HD, FlashPhix (lite), GrayPhix, iDuelpro (lite), Lingi, iDuelpro for Mac, Duelpro, 36-image express, SpeedShut, ROC and and of course our new app.

The following products have been put on a dedicated “archive” page for deprecated software but are still available for download: 36-image converter, LockPhix, LoadDown, FileTorment, CachePhix, MPhix. These applications are no longer supported so we can’t provide mail support for these and waive all responsibility.

The following products are declared dead and aren’t available for download anymore on our site: FileTorment Suite 2006, FileTorment Suite 2007, PhBrowser, Blastgen Beta, older versions of Duelpro, InfoBlaster IN4.

I am certain these changes will benefit the user and will also give us a competitive edge. You can head over to our new site for a look around and check out the products that you didn’t even know existed.

New logo

Release : 36-image converter 4.7.1 Alpha build 140 (“Tiger Chameleon”)

As promised we are releasing the first development alpha of 36-image converter 4.7 “Tiger Chameleon” to the world. It has been in development for 3 months yet and includes many interesting changes especially for people with advanced camera’s. This is also the first public version which includes the new Core Image Processing Unit.

36-image converter 4.7 is far from finished but the current release already shows huge improvements, but still isn’t stable yet. We could say that it’s already 20% finished. Here’s a full list of all changes in this build :

-Improved performance
-Reduced memory usage
-New conversion engine (Core Image Processing Unit v0.3.1)
-Support for the RAW formats of over 300 digital camera’s (List)
-Faster filters handled by CIPU
-A bunch of new filters
-More stable write support for TGA, TIF, TIFF, Portable Bitmaps (raw), ICO, CUR, PNG, JPEG, JPEG2000, PCX and EMF
-Added write support for RLE, 256-colors (8-bits) and 16-bits BMP, ICB, Portable Bitmaps (raw),
-Tweaks to convert menu UI
-New splash screen and icons
-Added install welcome screen

There are still some bugs and therefore we can use as many feedback as possible.

36-image converter 4.7.1 build 140 Alpha Download>

36IC 4.7.1a Build 140 screenshot

36IC 4.7.1a Build 140 screenshot

“Down with Opera”, we agree!

Everybody has obviously heard of the hassle about the EC anti-trust suit of the European Commission against Microsoft for adding Internet Explorer (their own browser) with Windows. Therefore all European versions of Windows will come without browser, all thanks to a browser which has almost no marketshare and has no special features or advantages to other browsers. Well did you also know that it was Opera who started this mess in the first place?

Therefore an action group was started to boycot Opera and we fully support this action group. Internet Explorer isn’t the best browser, but it is idiotic to make Microsoft ban it from their own products. Therefore we have placed 2 banners on our homepage, one against Opera with a link to the action group and one to download Safari, at the moment in our opinion the best browser around. We will also remove Opera from our testing machines and no longer test our site in Opera.

Spread the word and remove Opera Browser from your PC!

Support FileTorment Suite 2006 ends 31st of May

At the end of this month we will drop support for FileTorment 2006. This means that we will no longer respond to problems which may occur. FileTorment Suite 2006 keys can also be freely distributed now, but we will not deliver them anymore. So we will also stop selling FTS06 licenses at the end of this month. You will still be able to download FTS06 from and our servers. We will also drop support for infoBlaster IN4 and FileTorment Suite 2007 next year, like we did with PhBrowser 2006.

So next year we will have no original shareware applications left and if Blastgen development isn’t successful all our windows applications will probably be OpenSource and/or Freeware.

“36” line of image editing apps to support +300 forms of raw

Because it is requested the 36-image converter engine’s AlphaConvert and BetaConvert will be expanded with GammaConvert, a DCRAW based module which will be able to handle over 300 types of RAW Picture formats. It could be possible that the discontinued BATCHER-module’s filetypes, which is included in the 36-image converter executable, will also be added to GammaConvert. So GammaConvert will not only support the RAW filetypes, but will also home TIF, TIFF, TGA, PBM, PPM and PGM. This will expand the capabilities of 36-image converter and 36-image express with the ability not only save but also read RAW files of many digital cameras.

36-image converter 4.5.4.x “Chameleon-War” fixes size issues.

We have started development of our newest 36-image converter and the second in the apocalypse cycle, aiming to provide the users a decent 36IC during the long development of 36-image Express “Dragonfly”.

Chameleon “War” will fix the maximum size of 36-image converter images once and for all. It will probably also have a new main interface. Now 36IC only supports images up to the size of you screen, but with v4.5.4 this will be history. This update requires a completely rewritten rendering engine and will enable the user to view images up to 4000×4000 or more on a decent PC. This new rendering engine will also speed everything up, will lighten 36IC and will be much more stable and precise. So no more constant saving and no more difficult calculations at each transformation. 

This technology is directly being implemented from project “Dragonfly” and 36IC 4.5.4 will be released somewhere between now and next month.