Phoenxsoftware on different platforms, how far are we?

About a year ago we started opening up for more platforms than just windows. How far are we now?

The most successful platform still remains windows, because 95% of all our apps are Windows only.  But we expanded our development so that in the future 30% of our software will be multiplatform or specifically developed for other platforms. 

Why would we develop for different platforms?
Each new platform brings a new opportunity, at least for te worthwhile ones. Mac OSX for example has already gained 10% of the computer market and Mac OSX users are not as cheap as Windows users and also don’t complain that often about details.  So this brings a new group of users which are with a lot less, but who bring us the same amount of revenue we get from Windows.

Future Mac OSX applications will possibly be : 36-image express for mac, a scientific/economic calculator program for mac, an invoice wizard, … Other apps will be ported to java to support multiple OS’s.

That brings us to our second most successful platform at this time, the iPhone OS. With about 4.000 downloads, iDuelpro Mobile is our most successful cross-platform application. It still takes only 4% of the total amount of (i)Duelpro downloads, where the windows version Duelpro takes 95% and iDuelpro for mac takes 1%. This is great for a platform with less than 1% of marketshare, but the development for iPhone is also very expensive, so sooner or later iDuelpro Mobile will loose its 0$ price-tag or will disappear. 

Linux development is something we attempted a year ago at the start of our ambition and maybe we will try this platform, but it seems useless and I don’t see any use in developing native for an operating system which is so diverse and only covers 0.8% of all users. As a surplus to get accepted in the linux community you have to make your software opensource, a philosophy we do not support as the software-industry is a profit industry and not a charity organization. Until Linux poses a real threat to the desktop marketshare of Win and Mac other than some Ubuntu official saying “This will be our year!” each year over and over again, we will not develop for a big mouthed midget operating system which gets enough chances but does not appeal to the public even with a 0$ price-tag.

So the conclusion is Windows dev still is a great success, Mac dev is a small success but will be more successful once we create more applications, iPhone dev is a relatively big success but is expensive and Linux dev will have to wait until Linux grows up (maybe some day? ).

LockPhix Open and Free!

Today we released version 1.2 of our encryption and security suite LockPhix. There are no differences between this version and the previous one except fro one thing : this one is free!

Actually free and open, it is released under the XOSL (Phoenxsoftware OpenSource License) which states that you can use any code for no matter what purpose but the names, images and other resources remain ours. The zip-archive with the source will be uploaded later because we still have to add some instructions, but you can already enjoy LockPhix for free at our download page.

Happy 2009 + What’s new in 2009!

First of all, Phoenxsoftware wishes you all the very best for 2009. In 2008 we had  a total of 131.635 visitors and our software was downloaded +-150.000 times. Now the first hours into 2009 we have had 47 visitors 91.8% windows, 6.9% Mac and 1% Linux, 16 downloading Duelpro 2008, 3 LoadDown, 2 ROC, 2 iDuelpro Widget, 1 FileTorment and 1 LockPhix. All very interesting statistics, but now what’s for the future?

I have made a pdf for all project members with the new 2009 releases and I’ll give you a walkthrough :

1. 36-image converter 4.5 “Chameleon” (freeware):

Most of you have been expecting this, a usable, solid version of 36IC which can display images up to 1920×1200 pixels, expected release date : January 4th 2009.

2. ROC 1.1 (freeware/OpenSource):

An update for ROC that fixes the annoying boot-error. expected release date : January 5th 2009. 

3.  Graverobber??? (freeware/Shareware):

A secret security related project. official date of announcement : 31st of January 2009

4. CN: “BookKeeper” (freeware/OpenSource):

An Invoice Creator that enables you to create invoices by entering data into a wizard. expected release date : 15th of March 2009.

5. Duelpro 2009 (5.0) (freeware):

A Duelpro with 4 player support and a lot of interactive and online capabilities. expected release date : ? 

6. CN: “Dragonfly” (freeware):

A light version of 36-image converter created to manage and open pictures in over 20 formats. Comparable to google’s picassa. expected release date : 15th of July 2009

7. CN: “Bermuda Triangle” (freeware):

 A powerful 3D modeling tool with own 3D technologies and filetypes. expected release date : 15th of September 2009.

8. CN: “Arachne” (freeware/Shareware):

A  commercial spider application, that indexes all webpages of a give domain and saves them in a log. expected release date : 15th of November 2009.

Things may change but this is what we have planned for 2009, more about some releases later.

iDuelpro Mobile Coming to Iphone!

The next step in our quest to develop for multiple platforms is the Iphone. With iDuelpro Mobile, Duelpro is coming to the Iphone. Don’t cheer too early, iDuelpro Mobile will be shareware and will probably cost from 0,50$ to 1,00$, because Apple is pillaging us with their certified Iphone developers program and it could be possible that if it doesn’t generate profit within the next year it will be offline once again.

iDuelpro Mobile will be submitted this weekend, more info then.

LockPhix 100% free!

October the 21st is the birthday of UIC Phoenxsoftware and so we have just decided to make LockPhix freeware. This will require a few adaptions, so you can expect the free version by the end of the week. This change will not alter the functionality of LockPhix, but as with all our applications, we will add 36-image converter ads to the installer. 

In this way you can have LockPhix for free and optionally explore the capabilities of 36-image converter.

If you already want a free LockPhix you can use the following license key : ENJOYLPX4FREE

Fatal error solved and new file uploaded!

This night 3AM (GMT+1) the corrupted file was removed from and a new file was uploaded named 36-image converter, since every site that lists 36IC, links to or our servers there is no need to panic. From now on you will have a fully functioning installer.

For the people that are affected : Delete the folder C:/Program Files/UIC Phoenxsoftware/36-image converter/ and install 36IC again since the uninstaller isn’t working. This should fix everything.

This also means that you cannot send us mails anymore to get a free LockPhix key.

Fatal error in 36-image converter 4.4.3 installer!

We want to warn people for a fatal error in the installer of 36IC 4.4.3 that is currently on, we corrected the mistake and removed the corrupted installer from our server and uploaded the new installer to The new version which is quickly named 36-image converter will be active on within 10 hours. The corruption was caused by a transfer from our development platform Windows XP to Mac OSX where we prepare the files to be uploaded.

We sincerely apologize for all people who were harmed by this error!

If you were affected by this corruption you can send a screenshot of the corruption to before the new file is uploaded to to receive a free LockPhix (shareware) key.

LockPhix Available Online!

After many long days of work and battling the Windows Vista UAC, LockPhix is finally online. The release was delayed 1 day because the finished version did not work on windows vista when installed.
But now it is finally online and available for download at The pages aren’t really finished completely yet, but all other stuff will be completed within a few weeks. LockPhix will be also published on before the 30th of April. Do not hesitate to buy LockPhix using the DashBoard registration panel that is included in the package. It is available for just $9.99 as promised.

Now we are taking a break, so you can find us in Spain the following week underneath a palm tree. 😉

Renzo Verleysen,
LockPhix Project Manager and CEO

LockPhix Delayed Thanks To UAC

LockPhix will suffer a week delay because our application does not work with Windows Vista Users Account Control. It involves all tools, especially ScreenLock and the settings panel. While UAC is on : registration of the application is not possible, you cannot start LockPhix at logon, there is a security leak in ScreenLock and if your files are finally registered you will be unable to notice the registration’s effect. We will try to bypass as many screens as possible, but you will still need to plow through a few UAC messages.

We will try to fix Microsoft’s biggest mistake in years and try to bypass UAC for LockPhix as fast as possible.

First tool of LockPhix Finished!

After the main panel was finished last week, the first tool is also finished and tested. The first tool named LockPhix-ScreenLock is a tool that enables users to lock their computer using a password, USB-stick or keystroke.
It is 100% safe and it cannot be bypassed, as we noticed during the testing of the keystroke unlock mechanism this afternoon. At one of our tests the keystroke system malfunctioned and the system was completely locked without a way out. We had to reboot the entire system to get it fixed. But these incident proves the safety and power of LockPhix-Screenlock.
Tomorrow we are going to start the development of the second tool : LockPhix-FileEncrypt. FileEncrypt is based on the “Hummingbird” (36IC 5.0) ImageVault.
After this the third and final tool will be developed. Then the tools will be integrated in the main panel and then the configuration system is developed, the help-files are written, the dashboard is written, the online tutorial and update page made and the registration/trial system included.
The whole project is expected to be finished the 14th of April and a stable version will be released online the 20th of April after a lot of In-Lab BETA-testing and the designing of a special designated subdomain website for LockPhix.