Update: MonoPhix HD 1.2 – The most powerful B&W photography app for iPad.

It’s been a while since our only iPad app got a little update love, but today we are pleased to announce the release of MonoPhix HD 1.2. And it’s not a minor release. It contains better support for multitasking, support for the new iPad’s retina display, a new mode allowing tonal adjustments, color filters, renewed vignetting and the ability to share your pictures on our new Phix filter and photo sharing service. We also fixed an entire busload of bugs and added some UI tweaks, including the ability to remove the tape from your preview.

Tonal adjustments

One request was to include the ability to control the contrast of each color channel separately. To make red parts of your picture stand out more for example. With the new “tonal controls” you can do just that. And just like the default controls you can still control light and dark tones separately.

Tonal controls

Color filters

Just like in the iPhone version of MonoPhix, MonoPhix HD now has color filters aboard (Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow).

Color filters

New settings panel and retina support

The new settings panel has been partially simplified and now also contains the ability to remove the tape ornaments from the picture preview. Instead of the many options to size your preview you now have 2 options, one for retina devices and one for the first and second generation iPad.

New settings panel

Share pictures and filters on Phix

With the release of iPhix for Mac we have created a new more rich way of sharing pictures and we call it “Phix”. Phix is a service you can use to share pictures, get a shortlink to your picture to share on twitter and facebook and most importantly, to show people what you did to your picture to make it look how it looks. With the recipe option you can upload all your changes along with your picture. For more info: http://phix.im/ .

Share on Phix

If you already own MonoPhix HD you can update for free and if you don’t own it you can download it here for 1.99$.

Coming things!

Phoenxsoftware is changing, it is becoming more mature and healthy as a company. Financially everything is going fine, to improve the amount of available funds for research we invested our funds in Apple share. We also expect new payments and we just rounded a deal with yahoo and CNET to implement a toolbar in the new version of 36-image converter. (4.4.7) So we are in a financially good position.

I can also say that we are in a good position involving research and innovation as well. We will soon update our site as a sign of our independence and we are tweaking an already popular ROC client for version 1.1. But the biggest innovation will be project GraveRobber involving an old discontinued project that we dug up again, which we expect to arrive as a BETA somewhere next month. If GraveRobber succeeds it will be feared by great companies as well as many small shady programmers and be praised by thousands of Windows users. More info will be given at the BETA release, you can than also expect a full presentation site with details. This will be the biggest thing for our site ever and the one with the most developers working on it. The new site will by the way also contain a protected part for BETA-testing and info for developers, eg. OpenSource technologies.