Apologies and story behind the Phixsoft/hurlu/iPhix Cloud issues of the past days.

Over the past few days a lot of twitter updates flew by warning people of downtime on the side and services that could become unreliable or go offline.

Here’s the story on what’s causing them:
The hosting of our sites hur.lu and phixsoft.com/phoenxsoftware.com is in the hands of a Belgium firm. They recently updated their product line and upgraded to more modern servers. So we send them a mail asking if they could transfer our hosting to a new server with more capacity. About 3 months later (2 weeks ago) we got a mail back that they could transfer the site. We were informed by colleagues that this would only take a few hours. In the end it took 2 weeks and about 20 emails to get them to transfer everything. But that’s not all.

All passwords and logins of our databases, the place where we keep our hur.lu links and your iPhix Cloud images, were all changed. So we had to change the service to use the new passwords a few hours ago. After those changes hur.lu worked again, but we noticed the hur.lu dependent iPhix Cloud upload service didn’t work at all. We believe they didn’t activate certain features we demanded that iPhix Cloud needs to store your images to a remote cloud server.

Another issue is that anything uploaded or changed after 04/25 has gone lost because they used a backup dating from 04/19 and we luckily made another backup of the old site a few days ago and manually restored some of the data.

This is all a horrible mess which also caused a 2 week delay in the release of iPhix 1.1, and we’d like to apologize for all possible damage that has been done and for the downtime of all services. All we can do is wait and hope that our web host will fix the issues. We hope to get iPhix Cloud back online by tomorrow.

Site update from 11/19 to 11/22

We are updating our site (new theme, new layout, MySQL update, dynamic content, new parts,…) and this may cause certain services or parts of the site to be unavailable. Starting tomorrow we will begin by making a full backup of the current site in case anything goes wrong.
So tomorrow in the morning (GMT+1) you can experience downtime of the server for several minutes to an hour.

In the days following we will update the site’s theme and layout. Keep in mind that we will not take our site down for these and you will see it all happening in real life. So it could be possible the starting tomorrow in the afternoon several pages are unavailable or look weird, since we will handle the update frame by frame starting with the menu-frame.

When the MySQL and dynamic functions of our site will be updated users of the DashBoard 1.2, LockPhix registration tool or ROC can experience problems. This will also be the case when the backup is made.

This site update is a result of the problems at Download.com, which cause Download.com to release descriptions of older version of our software, post wrong download links and freeze the download counters. Download.com downloaders do not have to worry, we take the full blow of all problems and you will be redirected to the application on our server.