No Duelpro for Mac OSX or Linux

To tell something else then the usual update information for 36IC, we will not make native application for Mac OSX or Linux. The marketshare of these operating systems is so low that it would be as good as useless to build a Duelpro version or another application for Mac OSX or Linux. 

Mac has a marketshare of 4.8%, the chance that there are many players of the yugioh tcg that use mac is gigantically small, so we aren’t going to make a duelpro for 400 players. These have been able to afford mac, so windows for their bootcamp for 1/10th the price should be no problem.

For Linux distros there is going to be a build-in installer function to make Duelpro 2008 fully operating on wine. Although Linux has a lower marketshare, about 3%, it has the advantage of wine and allows us to simply change some things to make Duelpro compatible. 

This does not mean that Mac users or Linux users have to make it without a native duelpro, we are currently working on Duelpro Napp, an online version of Duelpro 2008.