What’s coming in 2009?

2008 was a good year for us. 36-image converter reached the top 20 of the most popular image editors with 1800 downloads a week, it was also featured in many computer magazines. We mostly abandoned our old platform for development and started converting all our applications to Delphi for Win32.  We released our first OpenSource application : SpeedShut 4.0 and we improved our site’s feedback system by using MySQL. We are currently at a stable amount of +-13.000 visitors a month and it is still rising bringing our amount of unique visitors for 2008 to an estimated 140.000.

Now what’s coming in the near future?

Iphix dev, the new development department of 36-image converter will release a new version of 36-image converter soon. Version 4.5 will be an improvement in many ways. We will also release a light version of 36-image converter in combination with an image library application, it will weigh about 3mb and will be comparable to Google Picasa.

We will release more OpenSource system utilities for windows and the existing ones will be updated. Focus will be also put on ROC. 

As you might have noticed, we started development for Mac OSX and other Apple platforms such as Iphone. Soon you can expect a native iDuelpro for Mac OSX and more useful applications too. In a while there will also be an iDuelpro Mobile for Iphone. Hereby we are breaking bounds with the Redmond software giant Microsoft that loyally served us for many years as we royally served it.

Brecht Ceyssens and I are working on a secret project for windows that will shake the entire software-world. This will probably be the top innovation for UIC Phoenxsoftware for 2009. One point of the project is that I’ve found a way to break the batch habits of modern PC’s and execute a large amount of tasks simultaneously thus performing batch tasks within a few milliseconds instead of within seconds, minutes, hours or even days. Using this technique I will redevelop all current batch applications creating some of the fastest applications on this planet. File copiers, backup applications, file indexers, the possibilities are endless.

Our site will also be updated in 2009.

Site update from 11/19 to 11/22

We are updating our site (new theme, new layout, MySQL update, dynamic content, new parts,…) and this may cause certain services or parts of the site to be unavailable. Starting tomorrow we will begin by making a full backup of the current site in case anything goes wrong.
So tomorrow in the morning (GMT+1) you can experience downtime of the server for several minutes to an hour.

In the days following we will update the site’s theme and layout. Keep in mind that we will not take our site down for these and you will see it all happening in real life. So it could be possible the starting tomorrow in the afternoon several pages are unavailable or look weird, since we will handle the update frame by frame starting with the menu-frame.

When the MySQL and dynamic functions of our site will be updated users of the DashBoard 1.2, LockPhix registration tool or ROC can experience problems. This will also be the case when the backup is made.

This site update is a result of the problems at Download.com, which cause Download.com to release descriptions of older version of our software, post wrong download links and freeze the download counters. Download.com downloaders do not have to worry, we take the full blow of all problems and you will be redirected to the application on our server.