Windows 7 compatibility with our Apps + opinion

As everybody knows Windows 7 has arrived, this brings some problems for certain applications. But luckily most of our apps aren’t experiencing issues.

Here’s a list :

  • 36-image converter 4.7a : Not fully compatible – issues with filters. Conversion + other features work. Issues will be fixed in the Beta version of v4.7.
  • 36-image express 1.0 : Compatible
  • ROC 1.0 : Compatible
  • Duelpro 2009 : Compatible
  • SpeedShut 4.x : Compatible
  • FileTorment 4.x : Compatible (further testing required)
  • CachePhix 1.x : incompatible (Possible update coming next year)
  • LoadDown 2.0 : Compatible
  • LockPhix 1.x : incompatible (further testing required) (No intention to update – end of support coming in 2010)
  • FileTorment Suite 2006/2007 : incompatible – end of support (since 2009)
  • infoBlaster IN4 : incompatible – end of support (since 2008)
  • Mphix 1.0 : incompatible – end of support (since 2007)
  • PhBrowser 1.0 : incompatible – end of support (since 2006)


So most apps are compatible, the few apps which were incompatible with vista are still incompatible with windows 7 and 36-image converter will be fixed in an update.

And of course I have to add my opinion about Windows 7. I have only one sentence for Windows 7 : “Microsoft is back!”. Enthusiasts of other operating systems have been claiming that people just use windows because it’s on their PC, with Windows 7 they are proven wrong. People are actually looking for Windows 7. Users of other operating systems are cheering for Windows 7, about 90% of all Mac Fans (including me) thinks Windows 7 is great and will run it as a second OS without whining. The same with half the Linux population. So is Windows 7 a success? It’s probably the most wanted operating system of the decade.

Microsoft has finally delivered a product which is fun to use and can compare to Mac OSX. Microsoft increased the productivity with a set of new features which can compare to Mac OSX exposé (although I still prefer exposé, because I’m used to it) and they brought small changes which are enjoyable. They put a great deal of care and effort in this operating system contacting all developers for a compatibility check of their apps, gathering all drivers and testing your configuration for compatibility. They actually did something with the Windows Vista complaints.

So I don’t think alternative operating system’s usage will grow now. It grew thanks to Windows Vista, but with Windows 7 everyone is happy again and the need for an alternative is gone. So I expect a drop in the Linux marketshare and a growth stop of Mac OSX and in long term a minor decrease in marketshare.

I also expect Chrome OS to be born dead, people don’t need another OS. If google released it a few months after the Vista release they would’ve scored a big hit, but the normal people have a working Windows install, Mac people have Mac OSX and the mac people that are interested in Windows 7 will not be interested in Chrome OS, the ones which aren’t interested in Win7 aren’t interested in anything other than Mac OSX so there goes another fail for Google. And the last one the opensource advocates and the common linux users don’t want a semi-opensource OS which sends data to an evil corporation, so they will stick with the normal Linux distros. So I think the fear which microsoft had to endure for a few years about other treding operating systems is gone now.

Anyway, brilliant move, brilliant OS.

36-image converter 5.0 plans

Fall 2007 we started with the development of an entire graphics suite called 36-image converter 5 or “Hummingbird”. The suite consisted out of 36-image converter 5.0, 36-image explorer 1.0, 36-imageVault and a primitive 36CONVERT which also allowed grayscale filtering. The suite was never finished due to some events at the beginning of 2008, with 4 applications in test build. Not all the development was in vain, many of the 36IC5 functions have been directly implemented into 36IC4.4 “Ninja” eg. drawing, erasing, selections and some filters. 36-ImageVault is now PII-encrypted images and LockPhix. And 36-image explorer is just an inch from being released for fun as a semi-functional developer’s preview.

Everyone was waiting for a version 5 but instead you got version 4.3 in Spring 2008 to fix critical errors and version 4.4 in Summer. But 36-image converter has to get a version 5 sooner or later, so it’s inevitable. But our demands have changed, 36IC5 will not be an image suite. We want to develop in the direction of a graphics editor which can handle huge images, has a great interface and has the potential to overpower photoshop. As you can see we won’t be able to achieve this using the current 36-image converter engine. We tried to implement the use of surfaces in 36IC4.6 but it failed because the code was too complex and simple tasks like resizing or rotating failed. So 36-image converter 5 “Hummingbird” will be completely based on 36-image express.

36-image express still is too buggy and the subwindows are too static, but when it is out of Beta it will be the base we are going to use to create “Hummingbird”. We will then port all features of the 36IC4 object based engine to the new surface based engine to allow faster operations and bigger image sizes.

36IC5 has to allow the use of layers which do not get rasterized immediately, has to support a project filetype, plugins, interactive tutorials, all current v4.6+ functions and has to have a new image processing unit which can handle filters, because the current internal filters system is too slow. We will probably also drop the DashBoard for something far bigger.

When we will start development is still unknown since we have to get a stable and more flexible 36-image express first and of course we have planned some more magnificent 36-image converter 4 releases, but the dream of providing something better than photoshop for free is finally coming into sight.

Still some tools to be updated

We already gave an update round to LockPhix, SpeedShut, iDuelpro Mobile and Duelpro 2008, making the first two OpenSource and applying the Phoenxsoftware XOSL (Opensource License). Now we still need to do some more tools, including FileTorment, LoadDown, CachePhix and ROC. I will briefly explain the coming updates to these tools.

First of all, the next tool to be updated will be FileTorment. FileTorment 4 will be released under the XOSL-license and will feature context menu deletion, stronger wiping tools for active applications and registered dll’s and interface changes which will make FileTorment easier to operate in case of mass file deletion. If there is time left we will add bulk deletion options.

The second tool which will be updated is ROC. ROC 1.1 will fix the error at boot and will also be released as OpenROC. OpenROC will be released under the GNU public license. In that way if an incident like the one with the recently released LockPhix (where a version was released containing a trojan+breaking the icon/image license) occurs again we can use GNU to put pressure on villains. The GPL will also enable us to incorporate strong opensource encryption algoritms instead of the encryption algoritm in the proprietary version. By also supplying an opensource version we can make sure that hackers aren’t able to decode the server-datastreams of the proprietary version. Keep in mind that the use of GPL is a one time event and that we do not encourage such licenses which force people to take certain actions thus destroying the entire concept of freedom.

The third tool to be released is LoadDown 2.2 which will also be made OpenSource under the XOSL license and which will feature a new interface, new options to limit the uptime and increased help documents.

The last update will be CachePhix 2.0 which will be released under the XOSL license and will feature adjustable options and operating system recognition.

So this makes 6 opensource tools and decent improvements this year for all our small system tools.

LockPhix Open and Free!

Today we released version 1.2 of our encryption and security suite LockPhix. There are no differences between this version and the previous one except fro one thing : this one is free!

Actually free and open, it is released under the XOSL (Phoenxsoftware OpenSource License) which states that you can use any code for no matter what purpose but the names, images and other resources remain ours. The zip-archive with the source will be uploaded later because we still have to add some instructions, but you can already enjoy LockPhix for free at our download page.

OpenSource windows system utilities

A while ago I decided to make a few system utilities we created in the first 2 years of our existence OpenSource. We don’t have a lot of time to continue their development and it still are OK applications, so I don’t like watching them waste away. That’s why I will put FileTorment, LoadDown, LockPhix and CachePhix in OpenSource hands, like I did with SpeedShut 4.

ROC our remote operating client will get an OpenSource variant called OpenROC. OpenROC will be the same but without encryption, this is to avoid that anyone is able to decrypt communication between the manager and the client of the normal ROC. OpenROC will get its own separate manager and will be put online with PHP-source code for the manager as well.

These changes in license will be applied when the next update is released of all these applications, somewhere this summer. All will be released under the XOSL (Phoenxsoftware OpenSource License). This license is created for SpeedShut and is comparable to the BSD license. Everything can be used freely in any project or under any name without having to give any credits, except the resources integrated and any names used. So you can decide to completely copy LockPhix but then you will have to rename it and make a new interface.

XOSL is developed because I think GPL is blocking people’s freedom to freely use code and that is not what OpenSource is all about! 

I will put these applications in OpenSource hands to make room for coming proprietary projects which require our full attention. As will become clear at the end of this week.

Happy Birthday UIC Phoenxsoftware!

Today UIC Phoenxsoftware can blow out three candles as it was founded as Phoenixsoft on 21 October 2005.

Many things have changed since that wet day three years ago. We started as a freewebs website with only 5 visitors a day. Our software collection consisted of Duelpro 2005.5 the first Duelpro, Atom Disassembler a scientific tool to disassemble atoms into neutrons/protons and PhBrowser. We registered a .com domain after a few months and that was the beginning of UIC Phoenxsoftware. Our first releases then were Duelpro 2006.2 and 36-image converter 1.0. 

Now those first releases have more than 500.000 users worldwide and are amongst the top in their category. The 5 visitors a day have evolved into 500 visitors a day over the past three years and our software collection now consists out of 12 applications SpeedShut, SpeedShut lite, 36-image converter, Duelpro, CachePhix, Mphix, LockPhix, FileTorment, PhBrowser, FileTorment Suite 2006/2007, InfoBlaster IN4 and LoadDown. They all contributed to the massive amount of visitors.

Now that we are at the dawn of a new era with new products as have been never seen before, we will totally refresh our strategy and once again develop in a way we like instead of working hard to finish a version every few days to maintain popularity for a public of users who are hardly satisfiable. 

As a present to our users we will release add the License key of LockPhix to the LockPhix DashBoard, making it free.

You have enjoyed the last three years as well as we, let us enjoy the comings years even more!

Kind Regards to all our users,

Renzo Verleysen
Head Development and Administration
UIC Phoenxsoftware and iPhix Development 

LockPhix 100% free!

October the 21st is the birthday of UIC Phoenxsoftware and so we have just decided to make LockPhix freeware. This will require a few adaptions, so you can expect the free version by the end of the week. This change will not alter the functionality of LockPhix, but as with all our applications, we will add 36-image converter ads to the installer. 

In this way you can have LockPhix for free and optionally explore the capabilities of 36-image converter.

If you already want a free LockPhix you can use the following license key : ENJOYLPX4FREE

Fatal error solved and new file uploaded!

This night 3AM (GMT+1) the corrupted file was removed from and a new file was uploaded named 36-image converter, since every site that lists 36IC, links to or our servers there is no need to panic. From now on you will have a fully functioning installer.

For the people that are affected : Delete the folder C:/Program Files/UIC Phoenxsoftware/36-image converter/ and install 36IC again since the uninstaller isn’t working. This should fix everything.

This also means that you cannot send us mails anymore to get a free LockPhix key.

Fatal error in 36-image converter 4.4.3 installer!

We want to warn people for a fatal error in the installer of 36IC 4.4.3 that is currently on, we corrected the mistake and removed the corrupted installer from our server and uploaded the new installer to The new version which is quickly named 36-image converter will be active on within 10 hours. The corruption was caused by a transfer from our development platform Windows XP to Mac OSX where we prepare the files to be uploaded.

We sincerely apologize for all people who were harmed by this error!

If you were affected by this corruption you can send a screenshot of the corruption to before the new file is uploaded to to receive a free LockPhix (shareware) key.

LockPhix Available Online!

After many long days of work and battling the Windows Vista UAC, LockPhix is finally online. The release was delayed 1 day because the finished version did not work on windows vista when installed.
But now it is finally online and available for download at The pages aren’t really finished completely yet, but all other stuff will be completed within a few weeks. LockPhix will be also published on before the 30th of April. Do not hesitate to buy LockPhix using the DashBoard registration panel that is included in the package. It is available for just $9.99 as promised.

Now we are taking a break, so you can find us in Spain the following week underneath a palm tree. 😉

Renzo Verleysen,
LockPhix Project Manager and CEO