What are we up to?

What are we up to?
We released a new 36-image converter and everything has changed, you can download directly from our site, Duelpro 2008.1 was released totally expectantly . But this is not all, we are back on track after derailing for half a year, we are back at +10.000 visitors a month and to keep it like this, we are going to release new versions of nearly all our applications, starting with SpeedShut 4.0 which supports Windows Vista, is smaller and more stable and will enable you to set an unlimited shutdown delay. SPS4 will be released this weekend and will become OpenSource, since some antivirus applications consider it as malware and we would like to let eg. Avast and AVG make a total fool out of their selves when people see that SpeedShut is harmless.

The next release will be the one of FileTorment 3.1. Which includes context menu delete actions. FT3.1 should be released next Tuesday. 

After FT3.1 we will release updates to LoadDown (stability update) (OpenSource), CachePhix (configuration options + Vista Compatibility),  FileTorment Suite 2006 (freeware), InfoBlaster IN4 (Freeware).

We can confirm for the first time that within a few months we’ll release Mac OSX software on the Java Platform. We will start with JavaMikado (Duelpro J2008) and then we will release a fully working SpeedShut for Mac, with even extra options. It could be possible that these applications will get Linux support as well or even cellphone support.

Prepare yourself for the biggest facelift in the history of UIC Phoenxsoftware!

Oops, leaked! : Duelpro J2008


Duelpro J2008 Milestone 1

Duelpro J2008 Milestone 1

I think this speaks for itself…

Remember that this is still a development milestone and that there is no guarantee of this being released. This screenshot is taken from a debug run under netbeans 6.1.

More info coming soon