WARNING: iOS6 compatibility issues with MonoPhix (HD) and FlashPhix.

Tomorrow iOS 6 will be released and a lot of iPhone 5 devices with the new iOS version are already shipping. This isn’t a blessing for everyone. Due to some unannounced changes Apple decided to make to certain components of iOS, some of our apps will crash after opening an image from the camera roll or taking a new one. We addressed this issue a while ago in a bug report sent to Apple and tried to get help from the iOS support engineers, but they weren’t willing to help because the issue was caused by at the time prerelease software, so we had to search for a fix ourselves.

We managed to fix this issue and we will take MonoPhix, MonoPhix HD, FlashPhix and GrayPhix out of the App Store starting tomorrow until a fix is released. Everyone affected will get an update within a few weeks after Apple decides to approve our fix.

We apologize for any inconvenience and advise everyone not to update to iOS6 just yet as it’s still in a state which we can only describe as buggy.

Fatal error in 36-image converter 4.4.3 installer!

We want to warn people for a fatal error in the installer of 36IC 4.4.3 that is currently on download.com, we corrected the mistake and removed the corrupted installer from our server and uploaded the new installer to Download.com. The new version which is quickly named 36-image converter will be active on download.com within 10 hours. The corruption was caused by a transfer from our development platform Windows XP to Mac OSX where we prepare the files to be uploaded.

We sincerely apologize for all people who were harmed by this error!

If you were affected by this corruption you can send a screenshot of the corruption to customerservice@phoenxsoftware.com before the new file is uploaded to download.com to receive a free LockPhix (shareware) key.

36IC4.4 “Ninja” already supports 17 output filetypes!

The development of “Ninja” is going very well. We already managed to get 17 real output filetypes for conversion. To give you an idea, the current version can only convert to bmp, pii, targa, pbm and raw, and also jpg, tif and bmp if all goes well. With all our current development resources combined, 36-image converter 4.4 will be able to 100% successfully convert to : bmp, dib, jpg, jpeg2000, tga, raw, tif, pcx, ico, cur (yeah that’s right, real windows cursors!), pbm, raw-pii, gif, emf, wmf, pgm and ppm. There will certainly be a way to convert to png as well, but we our still researching that along with mng, rle, iff, cal, ras, pic, psd, psp and our own encrypted filetype PHIX. This means that if we succeed, 36-image converter will be able to convert to 27 filetypes. To give you an idea that’s 10 more than photoshop. The amount of input filetypes will remain basically the same, except that Ninja will support the native raw-pii and phix as well.

We have also made a few icons, we only have to choose the best one. We aren’t going to put a real date on the release but you might expect 36-image converter 4.4 still this month.

36-Image Converter 4.3 Coming Tomorrow…Or Not?

36-image converter 4.3 is a crucial update to the 4.2 version. It features a bug fix of the harmful A001 (Extension corruption bug) which can delete extension information from the registry at uninstall and also features a few minor bug fixes for convenience. The tutorial that will pop-up the first time you use 36IC4.3 is currently being made, but all new features take too long to add. It is possible that the release is delayed with maximum 2 days for testing. Then it will be released as soon as possible on all download sites, cnet.com, tucows and of course our site. Release date could vary from 12 February 08 to 15 February 08.