Steve Jobs. 1955 – 2011.

I’m writing this because someone I greatly admire passed away this week. I wanted to write this earlier but ironically my MacBook’s charger broke down that day. To those few unfamiliar with him, Steve Jobs was one of the founders of Apple Inc. The company which brought you your music player and many things which start with an “i” to say it quite uncivil.

As I see it, Steve was one out of the same league as Antoni Gaudi, Salvador Dali, Leonardo da Vinci and Jimi Hendrix. Often misunderstood but visionary. Just like them he saw things no ordinary man saw. As a visionary CEO it’s hard to compare him to other tech CEO’s as he was unique. There is not a single executive in the current IT landscape which excels in the same way Steve excelled, not even Larry Ellison. The closest you can get to a man of relative capabilities is probably Howard Hughes. To cast it into his own words. You can disagree with Jobs and these other people in many ways but you can’t ignore them, because they changed the world. They pushed the human race forward.

As a person I can’t really judge Steve. And it makes me feel sad about writing this as in fact I’m writing this as a tribute to someone who I can only evaluate for his work. From what I know he was a perfectionist often persistent which is in fact not a bad feature. That’s all I know. I wished I knew more but I don’t and I think it’s to his family and friends to judge him as a person. There’s no one else in this world but them who is entitled to an opinion about him as a person and so I look in disgust about the coming screams from people who disliked him for no apparent reason but never knew him.

So I have only a few remaining words for some people who will probably never read this.

To his relatives and friends I can give but shallow comfort, he is not alone wherever he is. A lot of great people have suffered the same fate and it rests us all. So it’s hard, but you can look at all his great accomplishments and smile cause he lives on in each of his unbridled ideas.

To Tim Cook. Take good care of Apple. It’s impossible to replace Steve and it’s hardly possible to find a suitable successor in this world. But try to carry on what Steve started and don’t take wild decisions unless you support them 100%. Disney survived the passing of Walt Disney and Apple will most certainly survive the passing of Steve as it’s in the hands of an excellent team.

To Steve: I don’t believe in life after death, but in times likes these I hope it exists. So Steve, wherever you are I hope you’re in peace and maybe just maybe we can meet in a next life.