Indie Relief, iPhone developers donate revenue to Haiti on 20/01

On Tuesday 12 January 2010, Haiti was hit by an earthquake which destroyed the capital Port-au-prince completely, left millions homeless and made more than a hundred thousand deadly victims. The people who are left behind can use all the support they need and therefore the world is coming into action. That includes the independent iPhone developers community and therefore we and over 60 other iPhone and Mac developers have decided to donate all revenue our apps generate on the 20th of January 2010 to a good cause which is currently aiding the Haitian people.

All our paid app’s revenue on the 20th of January will hence be donated to “Artsen zonder Grenzen”, the Belgian variant of doctors without borders. In this way we can relieve the pain of the Haitian people at least a little bit.

Alone we won’t make much of difference, but all together we can make a huge difference and try to aid this country in need.

So if you decide to buy one of our Apps, do this on the 20th of January 2010.

Here you can find a list of all our apps :  UIC Phoenxsoftware

And here you can find a link to the indie relief website which lists all involved developers and apps:

Release : Duelpro 2008.2

Before the release of Duelpro 2009 we have released another 2008 release, Duelpro 2008.2 (

This new version has the same quick operation buttons as iDuelpro Mobile and fixes some other minor issues, it also has a contrast mode for people who were unable to view the light interface.

It has already been added to most sites including yugioh-world and Pojo. But you can find it here on our site :

iDuelpro Mobile 1.0 first Iphone Application!

We uploaded iDuelpro Mobile V1.0 for approval by Apple this evening. This means that soon you will be able to enjoy the yugioh tcg lifepoints aid Duelpro on your Iphone/Ipod Touch. 

It was a long battle that took us through Xcode, the worst and less user friendly IDE on the earth, made us pay 99$ to be able to build applications for the Iphone, made us go through a trial and error configuration of Apple Developers certificates and identities. To give you an idea, the application was written in an hour. It took three days to configure everything to actually release iDuelpro Mobile and get it signed. One good thing came out of this. I was so tired of weeding around through configurations that I had to make iDuelpro Mobile freeware, otherwise I had to go through a paid applications membership or something like that…

So some good advice for Apple :
-Trash Xcode and go for a more Visual Studio style IDE
-Add error messages to it, so that developers can figure out what’s wrong
-Simplify the certification and signing process  a lot
-Update your online help
-If a file won’t upload tel the developer what’s wrong with it

I certainly want to thank all Discussion boards/helpdesks and independent tutorial writers for doing what Apple should do : Answer questions and give support!

You will be notified on this blog when iDuelpro Mobile is online.

Release : 36-image converter!

Today is once again a big day for 36-image converter. Today we have released 36-image converter 4.4.4 which contains the second step towards our final goal (the first step was adding new frames and effects). We proudly announce IntelliBrush! IntelliBrush is a function which replaces the 36IC 4.4.3’s Pencil tool. By selecting a brush from the “Brush Gallery” you can draw on any image with multiple colors in one brush. These colors can even be sequential, this means that one second the primary color is used and the other second the secondary color, repeating this each second creating beautiful drawings. 

36-image converter contains 10 default brushes to test the function, as it is still in BETA. It is still in BETA because the “Brush Gallery” is quite messy and will be replaced by a separate application which will also enable you to create your own smart brushes.

36IC 4.4.4 does not only contain a new Brush tool, the Text tool is also updated and is finally out of its BETA-phase it has been simplified by enabling the user to move the text after insertion.

Other changes also include a separate tool to select colors from the image, an architectural update that enables us to quickly import new functions without having to mess with the interface, a new DashBoard and an updated help- and ReadMe file.

36-image converter will be available for download tomorrow on and will then also be available in the update channel for 36IC 4.4.3 users. It is already online so it is released, but our servers cannot handle the massive amount of downloads so we have to wait until it is uploaded on