Fatal error solved and new file uploaded!

This night 3AM (GMT+1) the corrupted file was removed from Download.com and a new file was uploaded named 36-image converter, since every site that lists 36IC, links to Download.com or our servers there is no need to panic. From now on you will have a fully functioning installer.

For the people that are affected : Delete the folder C:/Program Files/UIC Phoenxsoftware/36-image converter/ and install 36IC again since the uninstaller isn’t working. This should fix everything.

This also means that you cannot send us mails anymore to get a free LockPhix key.

Fatal error in 36-image converter 4.4.3 installer!

We want to warn people for a fatal error in the installer of 36IC 4.4.3 that is currently on download.com, we corrected the mistake and removed the corrupted installer from our server and uploaded the new installer to Download.com. The new version which is quickly named 36-image converter will be active on download.com within 10 hours. The corruption was caused by a transfer from our development platform Windows XP to Mac OSX where we prepare the files to be uploaded.

We sincerely apologize for all people who were harmed by this error!

If you were affected by this corruption you can send a screenshot of the corruption to customerservice@phoenxsoftware.com before the new file is uploaded to download.com to receive a free LockPhix (shareware) key.