Encrypt/Decrypt filter not present in 36-image converter 4.7

36-image converter 4.7 will not contain a filter to encrypt or decrypt an image using a password.

It was previously announced but all tests failed. The Encryption filter worked but only for area’s of eg. 600 pixels at a time. If the filter was applied on an image of 1800×1800 you would’ve had no problems 1800/600=3 x 3 squares which were handled by the filter, but when applying it to eg. a 700×700 image you would have one square to which the filter was applied and the rest would be slightly pointilized.
Another problems was that the decryption filter didn’t completely return the image to default, so we would be unable to finish a fully working en-/decrypt filter in 36-image converter 4.7.

But there is good news as well, while researching the failed filter, we stumbled upon some nice paintbrush effect which we will call GlassBrush and which will be included in 36IC 4.7. We also developed some more color alteration filters and we are continuing our research to include more filters in future releases.

The GlassBrush filter used on an image of a frog

The GlassBrush filter used on an image of a frog

LockPhix Open and Free!

Today we released version 1.2 of our encryption and security suite LockPhix. There are no differences between this version and the previous one except fro one thing : this one is free!

Actually free and open, it is released under the XOSL (Phoenxsoftware OpenSource License) which states that you can use any code for no matter what purpose but the names, images and other resources remain ours. The zip-archive with the source will be uploaded later because we still have to add some instructions, but you can already enjoy LockPhix for free at our download page.

LockPhix leaping towards release!

The development of the shareware System security tool LockPhix is going smoothly and it’s almost finished.


After the completion of the first tool, it took 3 days for the second tool to be completed. LockPhix FileVault (first announced FileEncrypt) is now also finished. Much code was taken from the engine of the unfinished 36-image converter “HummingBird” FileVault engine, but the code was debugged and many new features were added. Now you can simply encrypt a file by using the right click menu and decrypt it as easy by double-clicking it. The engine encrypts files at +-68Kb/sec and decrypts them at the same speed.


The next tool PasswordSafe uses an encrypted database to store your passwords. You can then easily find your passwords by opening PasswordSafe and entering 1 password. The next tool is expected to be finished and debugged on both windows XP and Windows Vista this Wednesday. The whole project is going as planned and will be finished Monday the 14th of April. Then it will require an additional week of testing and final debugging.




Info available on pricing and registration of LockPhix

The new shareware encryption and security tool LockPhix will have a unique registration system and will also have several registration packages of different prices.
The registration system will happen by downloading a file from our servers, so an Internet connection will be 100% necessary when installing and registering LockPhix.
Pricing :
  • -Normal License : 1 Use/Computer : USD $9,99 or EUR €7,49
  • -Business License : Unlimited Uses/Computers : USD $19,99 or EUR €14,99
  • -Unlimited License : Unlimited Uses/Computers/Versions : USD $29,99 or EUR €22,49
The Normal license keys cannot be shared because they will only last 1 registration, but when the Business and the Unlimited license keys are shared online we will be permitted to withdraw the specific license key and make it useless.
LockPhix will be released within a few weeks.