Final amount of output filetypes for 36IC 4.4 : 21!

We have finally finished the AlphaConvert and BetaConvert Module of 36-image converter which provide 36IC 4.4 with the ability to convert to : jpeg, jpeg2000, tif, tiff (for mac), pcx, gif, ico, cur, raw-pii, pii, emf, wmf, png and jng. We are going to tune the default converter-engine to enable it to additionally convert to bmp, dib, tga, raw, pbm, ppm and pgm. This makes a total of 21 output filetypes +2 variants of Jpeg : jpeg (native) and jpeg (advanced). The difference between these is that jpeg advanced programatically supports higher compression and better color preservation.

Now the development of the main executable and the design part of project Ninja will begin. Tomorrow we are going to adjust the old batcher and add them to the main executable and starting Wednesday we are going to start designing the full interface later to also add it to the main executable.  This will probably be our biggest obstacle as the interface will be a huge change and will make most of the weight of 36-image converter executable.

The new core will be based on the old one (CN:Lapiz) but will be new in some aspects so the new core is codenamed : “Azul”. Azul will be more reliable and will have better support for big images.

36IC4.4 “Ninja” already supports 17 output filetypes!

The development of “Ninja” is going very well. We already managed to get 17 real output filetypes for conversion. To give you an idea, the current version can only convert to bmp, pii, targa, pbm and raw, and also jpg, tif and bmp if all goes well. With all our current development resources combined, 36-image converter 4.4 will be able to 100% successfully convert to : bmp, dib, jpg, jpeg2000, tga, raw, tif, pcx, ico, cur (yeah that’s right, real windows cursors!), pbm, raw-pii, gif, emf, wmf, pgm and ppm. There will certainly be a way to convert to png as well, but we our still researching that along with mng, rle, iff, cal, ras, pic, psd, psp and our own encrypted filetype PHIX. This means that if we succeed, 36-image converter will be able to convert to 27 filetypes. To give you an idea that’s 10 more than photoshop. The amount of input filetypes will remain basically the same, except that Ninja will support the native raw-pii and phix as well.

We have also made a few icons, we only have to choose the best one. We aren’t going to put a real date on the release but you might expect 36-image converter 4.4 still this month.