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2 thoughts on “Products

  1. Hello App Developer
    We have good news. We are planing to feature your App in a forthcoming Peachpit Press Book that is scheduled for release at the end of February 2011.
    It will showcase images demonstrating the possibilities using in-camera processing with various combinations of more then 30 iPhone apps!

    We would like to get any screenshots, descriptive copy, icons etc relevant to your app to possibly include or use as a resource for our writing and design.

    We also assume, unless we hear to the contrary, that we can use screen shots, icons and copy etc. from your app to help describe your product in the book.

    12000 copies will be printed and we hope you will join in promoting the book as it will surely bring attention to your company.

    We will bring you updates and screen shots of the book in progress in the coming months.

    Many Thanks
    Dan Marcolina
    Marcolina Design

    Send your info to
    any question call 215 653 7000

    Marcolina Design Inc.
    Marcolina Slate LLC
    Ambler PA 19002


  2. I want to make monochrome pix on my i-phone. I got onto this site, paid my fee, but there is no instruction on how to download the app to my i-phone. So I have paid but can not find out how to download and use it. Will you ocntact me on com or phone on 44 755 289 5400 to advise.

    Mike Cleverley.

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