iDuelpro 4.1 and iDuelpro Lite 4.1 coming soon

We’ve gathered all user feedback from the iDuelpro 4.0 release and we might push out a 4.1 update as soon as next week.

Some loyal users liked the old UI more than the new one so we’re going to try to convert the old layout and colors to a more modern package and add it as an option to the settings.

The second major change will be the addition of a MTG mode for Magic The Gathering players. This will set the lifepoints to 20 by default and change the values on the subtract/add buttons to much lower ones. (eg. 20, 10, 5, 2, 1)

Additionally for iDuelpro lite users we’re going to bring the dice/coin feature over from the full version and update our add network to a less intrusive one.

Summary of all changes in iDuelpro 4.1:

  • Magic the gathering mode
  • Option to revert to a UI more similar to iDuelpro 3.8 for the main duel screen
  • Bugfixes regarding the discoloration of the lifepoints bar and the sharing options
  • Dice and coin features for lite users
  • Less intrusive ad network for lite users

People who update from 4.0 will be able to configure these features the first time they start the updated app. The update should hit the app store by the end of February.

Announcement : Phix Software – Reality Distorting Software.

UIC Phoenxsoftware is known to rise from its ash time after time. that’s why I picked the name in 2005. (Actually it should be phoenixsoftware, but the “i” got lost somewhere along the way.)
We rose from the ash when we dropped windows development almost completely and left a number of successful freeware products behind with it resulting in a stable and self sustaining business on Mac OSX and iOS. We rose from the ash when we were hit by a copyright claim from the nice folks at KONAMI for our most successful product at that time iDuelpro, resulting in a 70% drop in revenue. And now we are ready to reimagine Phoenxsoftware for the third time, this time by rebranding UIC Phoenxsoftware to Phix Software.

This giant step comes not only with a new name, but also with a completely redesigned website and more focus on our commercial products. It also means we will release more serious products and have a bigger budget for marketing and more focused management. With the Mac OSX application we will release in a few days we take a first step in this new era.

Not all changes are positive for everyone. Our Windows users will have to settle with a lot less supported apps and some are even completely removed from our website.

Only the following products will be supported, maintained and get their own spot on the new site: MonoPhix (lite), MonoPhix HD, FlashPhix (lite), GrayPhix, iDuelpro (lite), Lingi, iDuelpro for Mac, Duelpro, 36-image express, SpeedShut, ROC and and of course our new app.

The following products have been put on a dedicated “archive” page for deprecated software but are still available for download: 36-image converter, LockPhix, LoadDown, FileTorment, CachePhix, MPhix. These applications are no longer supported so we can’t provide mail support for these and waive all responsibility.

The following products are declared dead and aren’t available for download anymore on our site: FileTorment Suite 2006, FileTorment Suite 2007, PhBrowser, Blastgen Beta, older versions of Duelpro, InfoBlaster IN4.

I am certain these changes will benefit the user and will also give us a competitive edge. You can head over to our new site for a look around and check out the products that you didn’t even know existed.

New logo

Brand new app: Some samples

For all people who thought that we had died or abandoned development, think again. We’re very much alive and within a few weeks of unleashing a new app onto the world.

That’s about all I can say for now, but I wanted to throw in a teaser in the form of some sample shots.

Although it are black and white shots, the app isn’t a monochrome app. I just chose that certain filter because we all like MonoPhix, don’t we? Also these images never touched an iOS device.

Steve Jobs. 1955 – 2011.

I’m writing this because someone I greatly admire passed away this week. I wanted to write this earlier but ironically my MacBook’s charger broke down that day. To those few unfamiliar with him, Steve Jobs was one of the founders of Apple Inc. The company which brought you your music player and many things which start with an “i” to say it quite uncivil.

As I see it, Steve was one out of the same league as Antoni Gaudi, Salvador Dali, Leonardo da Vinci and Jimi Hendrix. Often misunderstood but visionary. Just like them he saw things no ordinary man saw. As a visionary CEO it’s hard to compare him to other tech CEO’s as he was unique. There is not a single executive in the current IT landscape which excels in the same way Steve excelled, not even Larry Ellison. The closest you can get to a man of relative capabilities is probably Howard Hughes. To cast it into his own words. You can disagree with Jobs and these other people in many ways but you can’t ignore them, because they changed the world. They pushed the human race forward.

As a person I can’t really judge Steve. And it makes me feel sad about writing this as in fact I’m writing this as a tribute to someone who I can only evaluate for his work. From what I know he was a perfectionist often persistent which is in fact not a bad feature. That’s all I know. I wished I knew more but I don’t and I think it’s to his family and friends to judge him as a person. There’s no one else in this world but them who is entitled to an opinion about him as a person and so I look in disgust about the coming screams from people who disliked him for no apparent reason but never knew him.

So I have only a few remaining words for some people who will probably never read this.

To his relatives and friends I can give but shallow comfort, he is not alone wherever he is. A lot of great people have suffered the same fate and it rests us all. So it’s hard, but you can look at all his great accomplishments and smile cause he lives on in each of his unbridled ideas.

To Tim Cook. Take good care of Apple. It’s impossible to replace Steve and it’s hardly possible to find a suitable successor in this world. But try to carry on what Steve started and don’t take wild decisions unless you support them 100%. Disney survived the passing of Walt Disney and Apple will most certainly survive the passing of Steve as it’s in the hands of an excellent team.

To Steve: I don’t believe in life after death, but in times likes these I hope it exists. So Steve, wherever you are I hope you’re in peace and maybe just maybe we can meet in a next life. URL Shortener Launched, focus on design, simplicity and ease!

Today we proudly announce our first web service, (Hurl u). is an URL Shortener that puts the focus on ease of use, simplicity and to some degree design. For people who don’t know what URL Shorteners are, it are small webservices that allow you to create a short URL for all your long URL’s and links to post them to eg. twitter where only 140 characters are allowed. But the short URL service can also be used as a small analytics service to check the amount of hits your link gets.

The service was started last week on the 12th of March and in those 7 days we transformed a short URL we acquired into an almost fully functioning URL Shortener. The current set of features includes the basic URL shortener, an info bar with a most popular link and a last added links section, and a small but functional PHP API which allows most web apps and client apps to easily integrate the URL Shortening service. Within the next few says the amount of code examples for the API will be expanded and the support will be increased with eventually a “developers”-page, a bookmarklet to easily hurl links from within your browser, an info page and a simple section to retrieve data and statistics about a certain short-url like eg. amount of hits, visitor return rate, rank, date added, description and channel (web/API/app).

The service isn’t quite stable yet and hence has a beta tag, but it provides shorter URL’s than most services which on average means two extra characters you can use to tweet and it’s faster than most other services. You can find at of course.

hurly the ladybug, the mascot of

hurly the ladybug, the mascot of, and subdomains offline on Monday 23th of August due to backup

All our domains will be offline during a short backup on Monday the 23th of August 00:05 GMT+1. The domains will be back online within 15 minutes. These back-ups will be executed because of recent DDOS attacks on other major software distributors and newssites.

List of all domains being backed-up :

Help pages, update servers, blastgen registration, 36IC, DPR & LPX DashBoard channels and the ROC server will be offline as well.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

Novus XX_ development restarted for the third time

First we have to warn you that this blogpost is quite technical.

For years it has been one of our goals to create an operating system. Therefore we need to begin the development of a kernel. This is something we attempted many times, we have made it as far as creating a virtual OS which runs on top of DirectX inside windows and simulates OS functions. So now we are going to give it another try, we are going to continue the development of Novus XX_, the Phoenxsoftware Operating System.

Novus XX_  is planned to be a command line OS with a microkernel called HDM. It should support multitasking and uses VFS, the virtual file system. The big advantage should be one core technology called HDM. HDM brings CLI to the normal man. It is a so called HACLI, Human Adapted Command Line Interface and should interact with the user as if you were talking to a normal human being using advanced Logical AI.

Don’t expect Novus XX_ anytime soon, we still have to restart the microkernel’s development.