Minor update: MonoPhix – Vintage Meets Technology v3.2.2

For a while people have been reporting a strange issue with our black and white filtering app for iPhone, MonoPhix. Up to last week I just couldn’t find out what was wrong, but apparently the iOS5 update messed up the gesture system and caused left and right gestures to malfunction. Up and downwards gestures even crashed the app. This issue has been fixed the same night and MonoPhix should now be fully compatible with iOS5. The update is now live in the App Store.

If you’ve got MonoPhix installed, you can update from the App Store’s update menu and if you have uninstalled MonoPhix because of this issue you can always download it again for free from the download page.

2 thoughts on “Minor update: MonoPhix – Vintage Meets Technology v3.2.2

  1. iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2.1
    That’s what happens after the last update:
    export does not preserve the original size of photo (1600 x 1200) and all images are distorted to a square format, compressed along the long side until 1200.

    • There could be 2 options there:
      1. Do you wait until the “Your picture has been saved to the library.”-dialog appears when saving? It could be possible that the image isn’t saved completely.
      2. It could also be possible that your 3G is just not powerful enough to run some of the latest additions and that the saving process crashes somewhere during saving. We are looking to make sure that in the future MonoPhix versions have a minimum requirement set to the iPhone 3GS. Normally it should run on an iPhone 3G though, slow but steady.

      Let me know if the problem persists.

      Renzo Verleysen
      UIC Phoenxsoftware

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