Novus XX_ development restarted for the third time

First we have to warn you that this blogpost is quite technical.

For years it has been one of our goals to create an operating system. Therefore we need to begin the development of a kernel. This is something we attempted many times, we have made it as far as creating a virtual OS which runs on top of DirectX inside windows and simulates OS functions. So now we are going to give it another try, we are going to continue the development of Novus XX_, the Phoenxsoftware Operating System.

Novus XX_  is planned to be a command line OS with a microkernel called HDM. It should support multitasking and uses VFS, the virtual file system. The big advantage should be one core technology called HDM. HDM brings CLI to the normal man. It is a so called HACLI, Human Adapted Command Line Interface and should interact with the user as if you were talking to a normal human being using advanced Logical AI.

Don’t expect Novus XX_ anytime soon, we still have to restart the microkernel’s development.


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