Blastgen Antivirus Primitive Beta successful!

The primitive Beta we released of Blastgen Antivirus has been quite successful. After just a few months without even having advertised, the fastest antivirus on earth already has 100 registered Beta testers. Many people have even asked where they could buy the full version.

But of course we are far from a working Blastgen, we are struggling to get a decent amount of malware in blastgen’s database and there is still much work to be done fixing and tweaking the core, since it has proven unstable with many people getting overloads and syncmode5 errors. These errors are caused because the CPU can’t handle the speed of the code processing.

Although many reviews and comments were positive there are also a lot of sceptical people who can’t believe what they see with their own eyes. Therefore if Blastgen is finally released as a stable version, possibly this summer, we will put the necessary caution remarks on our site. Blastgen indeed is the fastest real time antivirus but it lacks an extensive virus database and in depth or boot sector scanning.

We still have a lot of work in progress but we are confident in the chances Blastgen has. Even of becoming our most successful product, which may be able to put us on the software-map once and for all. Since we would like to get Blastgen Antivirus 1.0 online by this summer, our team has expanded and we are ready to continue development this summer at high speed.

You can still download Blastgen Beta build 3000 here>

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2 thoughts on “Blastgen Antivirus Primitive Beta successful!

    • Your configuration seems to be allright. It should be an error generated by a specific file. I’ll add debugging tools for this error to the next dev preview.

      Blastgen will scan until it finds the file that causes the error, if this file is in the back of the virus definitions, it will scan for nearly all threats, if it occurs in the front it’s useless.

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