“Down with Opera”, we agree!

Everybody has obviously heard of the hassle about the EC anti-trust suit of the European Commission against Microsoft for adding Internet Explorer (their own browser) with Windows. Therefore all European versions of Windows will come without browser, all thanks to a browser which has almost no marketshare and has no special features or advantages to other browsers. Well did you also know that it was Opera who started this mess in the first place?

Therefore an action group was started to boycot Opera and we fully support this action group. Internet Explorer isn’t the best browser, but it is idiotic to make Microsoft ban it from their own products. Therefore we have placed 2 banners on our homepage, one against Opera with a link to the action group and one to download Safari, at the moment in our opinion the best browser around. We will also remove Opera from our testing machines and no longer test our site in Opera.

Spread the word and remove Opera Browser from your PC!


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