Will “Tiger Chameleon” also add extra selection functions to 36IC?

When using 36IC 4.6 you get the idea that not everything is going fluently, for example to select or copy a part of the object and rotate or mirror it, you have to select the part, crop, save, undo the crop,  insert the cropped piece as an object and set the angle to eg. 180. This is something easy made difficult,  why would thousands of people have to go through these steps if we can do it automatically. So from now one, selecting and pressing “Duplicate as object” will be sufficient.

Together with this function, you will also be able to save and move selected parts of the image and maybe apply filters to a selected part, but then we will have to make the selection available to other menu’s which is actually quite unsafe and unstable. Another option is of course, making the filters available to the selection menu. As a surplus we will also add functions which give you more control over the selection itself and which complement “Expand” and “Contract” in the form of  “Move Selection”, “Expand Side” and “Set Selection Size”. Also the selection will get the same colorsceme as the edgemarker.

Other possible features could be, a blur tool, save for web and a distort tool.

We will research all of them carefully and when the time comes you can expect a next version of 36-image converter with a whole lot of extra functionality.


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