Reasons to update to 36-image converter 4.6

When we released 36-image converter 4.6 last month we fixed a lot of issues and it seems like quite a few people are still holding on to older versions of 36-image converter. Here are some statistics for version 4 (starting from v4.3) which we collected counting the amount of times the most visited Dashboard channel was loaded today, so this is in favor of newer versions, since these open the tutorialchannel by default.

amount %
v4.6 559 86,94%
v4.5 42 6,53%
v4.4 28 4,35%
v4.3 14 2,18%
total 643 100,00%

So at least 13% of all users is still using an older version of 36-image converter 4, these are decent results but still disturbing, this means 6,53% of all registered users is using a bloated version with critical flaws in the conversion engine, 4,35% is using a version that is very limited in filesize and 2,18% of all users is even using a 1,5 year old version in which the potentially harmful extension association bug wasn’t solved yet and which had very limited conversion functions and an instable transformations system.

So 13% means that at least 1 person out of ten is using a corrupted, inefficient or older version, while 36-image converter 4.6 is state of the art, extremely light, has a more appealing interface and much more functionality. This isn’t beneficial to all those users and also not to us, since we have to handle all complaints about those older versions. Therefore we are taking the effort we put in trying to make people use the most recent version one step higher by pushing v4.6 to all users of version 4.4 and lower. We will do that by removing the active parts of most Dashboard Channels and replace them with the message “This version of 36-image converter is extremely outdated, therefore we advice you to update to the most recent version and still receive Dashboard support, you can update here” (with a link to the download page).

We hope that you all understand this decision and that you will all update to version 4.6.


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