36 Open Software License declined by OSI Board

Our 36OSL license which can be reviewed here is declined by the Open Source board. We will not fight this as it would need a lawyer to make it compliant. As you might have guessed by taking a look at the name, the 36OSL was created to make a 36-product open source, in this case the 36CONVERT module which at this point can convert bitmaps to over 21 filetypes.

We are still trying to figure out whether we will release the source and under which license, if we release it. The source will have to be distributed with each redistribution and it must still be possible to use it in a proprietary project. So we are thinking about the Microsoft Reciprocal License (Ms-RL). But at the moment this is a major blow and I’m not very keen anymore to release the wanted code.

On the other hand we can also bring happy news. Our 36-image converter officially is the 15th most popular image editing application on Download.com 9 places behind GIMP and 12 places behind Photoshop CS4, with 2.559 downloads last week. This also makes 36IC the most popular image converter. Our official goal was to beat XnView but it seems we have beaten it with 1.000 downloads more.


2 thoughts on “36 Open Software License declined by OSI Board

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