36-image converter 4.6 : One week roundup

It’s been a week since we released 36-image converter 4.6 which brings 36IC again one step closer to becoming one of the top image editors, by adding a new interface, a more stable conversion engine and basic support for layers.

In one week time we have already received good feedback concerning the update and are climbing towards the top positions on CNET’s Download.com with +-340 downloads a day, topping 480 downloads on Wednesday. We directly had 1.827 downloads in the week of it’s release and we will probably have a +2.100 downloads a week result for the last week of May. This means 36-image converter defeating XnView in popularity and climbing to the 17th position out of 1.600 image editors with a bit luck even the 15th position. So maybe you can find us on the second page of Download.com’s “Image Editing Software”-section. These results make 36IC 4.6 our most popular application ever by far and with the largest marketshare in its category of all our applications (0,1%), obviously we must have been doing something good.

We are also busy developing the next version of 36-image converter. We are thinking about losing the entire internal conversion engine of 36-image converter and we are currently researching support for all filetypes supported by that engine. So we will have to add TIF, TIFF, TGA, PBM, PGM and PPM support to the 36CONVERT module instead. We will completely drop output support for RAW and perhaps replace it by PostScript, SVG or DXF support. This will make 36IC much more stable, lichter and ensures that the concerning filetypes are converted successfully. This is the same engine that is also included in 36-image express so 36Ix will also start supporting TIF, TIFF, TGA, PBM, PGM, PPM and PostScript or a vector image format. We will also add a notification to the PII system which enables large images to be converted to be encrypted and decrypted successfully, since that is a problem in the 36-image express Beta. We have already successfully implemented TIF and TIFF, now we have to port TGA from our experimental testbase to 36CONVERT, the next filetype we will be researching will be one of the vector filetypes and we will try to find a solution for the Portable Bitmaps, but so far so good.

So most updates for 36-image converter 4.6.2 will be beneath the surface on the 36CONVERT-module but we will also fix some small issues with the object insertion function and tweak some stuff. If the performance and stability improvements are big enough and we succeed into adding enough new functionality to the conversion engine, the next version might as well be 4.7 so we will keep it with the codename “Tiger Chameleon”.

Tiger Chameleon will be much faster and more stable.

"Tiger Chameleon" will be much faster and more stable.


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