Release : 36-image converter!

Yesterday we released version 4.6 of 36-image converter. This version fixes major problems with 36-image converter which were paining the backside of many users. First of all, we updated the interface from the blue “Twilight” theme to a new theme called “Mirage” with multiple colors. This solves the visibility issues some people had. 36-image converter 4.6 is also 60-80% lighter than v4.5 depending on your system’s configuration. We also added a new feature called “MemoReduce” which lowers the memory use by 95% when minimizing the window. This makes 36-image converter one of the lightest image editors.

We are also one step closer to Photoshop-like features. Now you can insert images as objects with alpha and transparency which you can put anywhere on the image. You can also set the size in % and the angle in degrees.

We also fixed some major errors with the libpng library by completely replacing the old conversion engine by the new 36CONVERT engine.

Further changes consist of some minor tweaks to the UI and the engine.

36IC 4.6 still isn’t able to support large images but this will be added in one of the coming versions.

The new version is already available for download on our servers and will be available in the Dashboard UpdateChannel once the submission process is completed.




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