36-image converter 4.6 promises giant performance improvements

36-image converter 4.6 went through the first two step of its development and it looks promising. The new interface has already been natively implemented and the performance was sharply improved. 36-image converter 4.5 takes about 140.000Kb’s of memory while 36-image converter 4.6 only uses 35.000Kb’s which means that 36IC 4.6 is 75% lighter and also 40% faster than its¬†predecessor. There is also a technology added to decrease memory usage by 95% and only use 2% of CPU on an average PC. Where photoshop and even paint keep using massive amounts of memory, 36IC just sleeps. This technology will also make 36IC 4.6 much greener by reducing the system resources in standby and lowering the power consumption.

These are great performance improvements, but still we are going to set new minimum system requirements. 36IC 4.6 will require at least 10Mb of free diskspace, a 1,6Ghz processor, 512Mb of memory, 64Mb of graphic memory with DirectX9 installed.

The Focus-effect is also renewed, but this is quite a minor update.

The next things that will be taken care of are making the PII save/open much more stable and implementing the 36CONVERT conversion engine from 36-image express. Then the selection menu’s for effects/more/masks and frames will be tweaked. We will also add a function to import objects and resize and move these. This will take 36IC to the next step : Layers!
To make room for this function we will move the “Color Mozaic” tool to the effects menu.

36-image converter 4.6 is scheduled for this weekend.


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