36-image converter 4.5 scores 4/5 on CNET

Today our prayers were answered when we discovered an editorial review of 36-image converter on CNET’s Download.com. For the first time in a long history our 36-image converter received a decent review on Download.com, after all the almost flame-reviews by the users.

After submitting 36IC to a test, they gave it 4 stars on five, which is a lot higher than the 1,5/5 we got from our users.

Anyway, this motivates us to deliver 36-image converter 4.6 as fast as possible. We will no longer add extra functionality to 36-image converter in version 4, but we will improve performance fix bugs and enable the editing of large images. 36IC 4.6 will use the same conversion engine of 36-image express which is much smaller and more stable than the current Alpha/Betaconvert-functions and the built-in batcher.


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