36-image express, one week roundup

The first week in the existence of 36-image express is over and it did quite well. On our servers it’s chasing 36-image converter’s tail in popularity and on download.com it’s slightly coming of the ground with a decent 18 downloads on the first day (other results are still unknown of download.com). One person broke the Reasonable Feedback Agreement by giving us a 1/5 rating on one of the download sites without specifying why, but these anonymous events will remain unpunished unless they run out of hand. 36Ix was downloaded 553 times in one week, which is decent for a new application. It was uninstalled 103 times giving a 81% satisfaction rate which is much higher than the  40% of 36-image converter and had 1 small update to the installer. So far for the numbers.

Now let’s hope people will download 36-image express when they aren’t satisfied with 36-image converter, it will have to do until we fix a few of the most annoying issues with the coming of 36-image converter 4.6, the unreadable interface, the memorybloat, and the fatal bug in many filetypes.


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