36-image express beta nearing completion

We are laying the final hand on 36-image express ‘Dragonfly’ Beta. The development alpha is currently in build 99  ( which means that in one build ( it will be ready to be released into the public. We are still tinkering and tweaking some things at the moment to optimize it for a bugless experience.

It will also be the first phoenxsoftware product to include an RFA (Reasonable Feedback Agreement) in the EULA which states some simple points which are prohibited to discuss or address in feedback to 36-image express. This is necessary to protect 36-image express from the people that took down 36-image converter and made it bloated by almost forcing us to add impossible features. And violations of this agreement will be taken very seriously.

We hope that this will be the first step in the direction of more qualitative products and a better coöperation between our users and us. You can expect the first beta of 36-image express to be released tomorrow in the afternoon.


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