36-image express slightly delayed but development successful

36-image express wasn’t released this weekend because some minor issues with the port of the 36-image converter modules to 36-image express. But the release is approaching with huge steps. We have now added a new version of the conversion engine of 36-image converter called 36-convert and we have completely added support for both writing and reading encrypted pii images. The current build is Build 97a and Build 100b will be the release build. So just three more builds to evolve from internal alpha to public beta. We still have to add error messages for memory overloading, the help section and language pack support, then we’ll check the build in any possible way and release the beta on phoenxsoftware.com and download.com.

We also found a few bugs in 36-image converter 4.5 which cause the jpeg2000 conversion function to malfunction and make it unable to read PII files. So we will probably release a 36IC 4.6 with these bugs fixed, with the new 4.6 interface native and with the new conversion engine 36convert which will replace AlphaConvert and BetaConvert. Support for bigger images will have to wait.


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