36-image express coming this weekend!

We just fixed some things in the Build 94 of our 36-image express and it looks promising.  Build 93 had some issues with the memory that wasn’t freed, which caused 36-image express to act like 36-image converter (buggy and heavy), but we fixed it by freeing the memory before loading a new image. Also tooltips were added, the interface was calibrated and some effects were finetuned. In build 94 we will add all tooltips and some resources to make layers for eg. the conversion dialog and the in-program help. 

For the first time we compared 36-image express to 36-image converter and the results were remarkable. For a test we started 36-image express and 36-image converter 4.5.3. 36-image express took about 2 seconds to open and 36-image converter, 7 seconds. As a second test we used the open-function to load a big image (2000×2000, BMP). 36-image express’s memory usage was about 50.520Kb and 36-image converter’s was 172.680Kb. As an extra test we opened the image in mspaint and it took 41.270Kb of memory, so the low end paint still scores best. This shows remarkable differences between 36Ix and 36IC, we developed a product which is what 36-image converter was supposed to be.

If everything goes well, 36-image express 1.0b will be released as it reaches Build 100. So you might expect 36Ix at the end of this week.


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