36-image express 1.0b coming soon!

36-image express isn’t an empty promise, it is even coming faster than originally promised. Many people are searching for a stable way to quickly view or convert images when downloading 36-image converter and feel malcontent when it doesn’t. Well 36-image express 1.0 will simply do what an image converter has to do : Open and convert, without extra’s, useless features or the huge memory loads or complex code which we even find annoying. Therefore 36IeX will simply allow you to open 36-filetypes including pii and rawpii and will allow you to convert these to bmp, dib, jpg, png, ico, cur, pcx, gif, jpeg2000, wmf, emf, jfif, pii, rawpii and maybe more.

We will also add an agreement to the installer which states that people must be capable of giving a decent review where they give us a view of what is actually wrong, since so far 36-image converter has only been reviewed by extremely lazy retards who give comments as “Couldn’t find the undo-button” or “Couldn’t find a way to open images” while there is a help-file, a tutorial and the ask-channel. Or people who want to open Doc-files with an image converter. I’m surprised that one hasn’t complained yet that he couldn’t do the dishes with it. Therefore an agreement of capability is necessary to guarantee that this flood of spam-reviews disappears, it’s too late for 36IC with 11 reviews and an average score of 1,5/5 but it isn’t too late for the unborn 36-image express.


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