36-image converter 4.6 will not be the expected one

The image transformations in combination with the support for big images remains an issue and I’m not sure if we are able to present a full surface featured 36-image converter in the next month. That’s why I have decided to cut the release of the 36-image converter version containing surfaces in half. The first release 4.6 will have the new interface, first as a theme then as part of a maintenance update, native. Will have a hybrid surface function which enables you to open and convert big images by using surfaces and for smaller images the default function will still be activated in which you can edit the images. We will also check the conversion function for errors since people have reported errors caused by the internal batcher. Eventual maintenance updates will fix the massive memory consumption of 36IC.

The second version 4.7 “Chameleon X2” will contain full support for surfaces, batch conversion/resizing functions and more output filetypes. We can’t quite put a date on this version yet.

So within a month – 4.6, visible interface for all users, stable conversion and ability to convert giant images.
Within a month and a half – 4.6.1/2, faster, lighter version of 36IC with a stripped down, cleaned core.
And within a few months – 4.7, full support for big images, batch/context conversion/resizing, more output filetypes (PDF, PostScript, EPS, …)


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