36-image converter 4.6 status (p3)

Today we fixed some issues with the resize and resetting capabilities. So we now we are one step closer to having a fully functioning resize and resetting function. But there are still a few issues, for example : When opening a 2000×2000 file and trying to resize it to 2100×2100 it simply reloads to 2000×2000 instead of enlarging. When opening a 400×400 file and resizing it to 2000×2000 it succeeds, but when trying to resize the same file to 2100×2100 you get a disappearing image or a small cropped image. It’s also quite selective in the images it resizes, often just making images disappear.  So there are still some inconsistent values and bugs. But still this is a huge step in the right direction. Where the old 36IC couldn’t handle files bigger than the screen, 36IC4.6 simply downsizes files of 2000×2000. 

Tomorrow we will fix the remaining issues in the resizing and we will start fixing the rotate tools and the history/undo/redo up next.


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