36-image converter 4.6 status (p2)

Today we succeeded into resizing images of 2000×2000 which was an issue because the new engine has problems with the delay which is caused by these enormous images. <technical alert!>Short : When a large image is opened or saved you get a delay, but the cache save to make sure that the image can be reset is activated directly, but since the image is still opening it can’t detect any active image. So this causes errors and no resize. <technical alert!>

We discovered that by doing a soft reset afterwards, the image is successfully resized and saved. So now we have solved the error by doing a soft reset after a few seconds which displays the image directly. There are still some issues left to be solved. The values which keep track of any changes are incorrect, when doing a couple of resizes, it resizes the image completely wrong and of course there is an issue with the soft reset which causes a resized image not to be reset but to be actually resized. So we still have to fix these things but it seems they are related somehow and by resetting the values, the other bug should be fixed as well.

So no more technical stuff. 36-image converter 4.6 will be released next month with a slight delay when everything is fixed and all functions are properly working we will release a light stable and fully functioning 36IC 4.6 and this will also be the first time you will see the new interface. So you will not see the new interface in any beta theme extra as previously announced but you will have to wait for the final release which will have no beta period as always, it will be tested internally.

The designated website for 36-image converter will also be updated and completely changed. The new website will be online before the release of 36-image converter 4.6 and will also contain nightly builds of the main engine (without the new theme, just the main executable and other updated files).


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