36-image converter 4.6 theme to be released as Beta

The theme of 36-image converter 4.6 “Chameleon-War” Will be released as a Beta in the Extra-channel of the DashBoard. In this way we will be able to test the theme before we implement it as the default theme. This also solves the issues some people are having with the current themes. You can expect the new theme in the Extra-channel of 36-image converter 4.5.3 this weekend, it will come with an installer and a feedback function.

We can also proudly announce that today we topped the amount of 1.000 visitors in one day for our site. This is the result of the past updates and the release of FileTorment 4.0 yesterday. We expect it to rise even more once ROC 1.1, LoadDown 2.2, iDuelpro 2009.1, CachePhix 2.0 and the new 36-image converter are released. This month will probably bring more than 21.000 unique visitors and 17.500 downloaded products.


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