36-image converter 4.5.4.x “Chameleon-War” fixes size issues.

We have started development of our newest 36-image converter and the second in the apocalypse cycle, aiming to provide the users a decent 36IC during the long development of 36-image Express “Dragonfly”.

Chameleon “War” will fix the maximum size of 36-image converter images once and for all. It will probably also have a new main interface. Now 36IC only supports images up to the size of you screen, but with v4.5.4 this will be history. This update requires a completely rewritten rendering engine and will enable the user to view images up to 4000×4000 or more on a decent PC. This new rendering engine will also speed everything up, will lighten 36IC and will be much more stable and precise. So no more constant saving and no more difficult calculations at each transformation. 

This technology is directly being implemented from project “Dragonfly” and 36IC 4.5.4 will be released somewhere between now and next month.


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