36-image converter apocalypse…

With once again a fatal bug we are saying goodbye to 36-image converter or we will to 36-image converter as it is now. 
With 4 last versions we are ending the release cycle of 36-image converter. As a token of this we are going to name the last 4 versions after the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. The first new version 36-image converter 4.5.3 which is called “Chameleon-Conquest” is released just now and fixes the bug we found this morning and a security breach. It also features 3 new brushes. In the next version (4.5.4/Chameleon-War) the interface will be changed by default or you will be able to choose a theme at start. What the versions after “War” will feature is still a riddle. 

36-image converter is our flagship so will it disappear?
Simple answer, no. 36IC will be replaced by 36-image express which is more carefully developed and is built from scratch. It will be able to handle layers, web slices, save to web, own project filetype,  more input/output filetypes, language packs once again and have a much nicer interface with special effects and a dock. This project is called “Dragonfly” and will be called 36-image express 1.0. After 36-image express is proven stable and functional, it will be renamed 36-image converter 5.0 or “Phoenix”.  

For a last effort we are going to create wallpapers and some promotional material to support the last versions of Chameleon.


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