Announcement : Blastgen Antivirus 2009, the fastest antivirus ever!

It was a well kept secret for a long time but now the first Beta has been finished we need Beta testers so here it is, project “Graverobber” or Blastgen, the fastest antivirus on earth!


Blastgen Screenshot

Blastgen Screenshot



We started development of Blastgen 3 years ago, but it was discontinued due to a lack of time. Now that I’d found a colleague in the development of Blastgen I continued it 2 months ago and now it’s already time for the first Beta.

Blastgen can scan an entire PC in less than a second by using a special core called BlastX2 which is able to process mass amounts of code, being able to process 5.000 files each second. This feature combined with intelligent design that checks for symptoms rather than scanning an entire hard drive makes Blastgen about 5000 times faster than the current record holder NOD32.

Of course you can see for yourself and try it now by going to the Blastgen Beta pages.

The first Beta is released to test the definitions for false positives and see how the BlastX2 core runs on different kinds of configurations. This version can find malware but cannot remove it as it is not armed yet. This security will be removed as the current definitions are approved to be safe. The current version hasn’t been tested on Windows Vista, but it will automatically update itself in case there is an issue in Vista.

This was the big secret, so enjoy!
We truly hope Blastgen will become a succes and that people won’t have to wait for hours to scan their PC.


4 thoughts on “Announcement : Blastgen Antivirus 2009, the fastest antivirus ever!

  1. do you have a software which can scan and the remove the virus. I have tried your scanning capacity which is impressive

    • I will have to disappoint you, this beta version of blastgen is the only version we have and it is too unsafe to be enabled to remove anything on your pc. I’m afraid that the development is halted as well because we haven’t enough resources to continue research and development.

  2. hey,
    this looks very impressive, and if its true, You MUST continue working on it! however… this page loos a bit dead :/ if you need beta testers or anything plz contact me

    • Thanks for your intrest. It’s true, but it’s just too much work. There might come a day when we pick up the development again, but until that day the technique inside Blastgen will be used in other applications. However Beta testers are always welcome, you can apply at the Blastgen page at

      We are going to rebuild the Blastgen page in a while and build a community around Blastgen, that might help to increase the activity on the Blastgen project.

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