iDuelpro Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch update

I red a few comments on the current test release of iDuelpro Mobile for the iPhone and I learned a few things out of this. So I started the development for iDuelpro Mobile 2.0 and it’s already finished!

But don’t cheer too soon, it still has to be put online and this release process could suffer gigantic issues because, well the service Apple provides for iPhone developers just sucks.

You can expect the following improvements :
-Ability to add lifepoints
-Lifepoints bars to get a visual interpretation of a player’s lifepoints
-Quick keys to subtract amounts as 1000, 500 or 100
-Slightly altered interface
-Special page for Duelpro/iDuelpro/iDuelpro Mobile

So I hope you will enjoy this release if I ever succeed to release it into the App Store. It is expected to be released within the next 3 weeks.

EDIT (4th of January 09′ 00:05 (GMT+1)) :
I was able to upload the 2.0 version after struggling with the iPhone SDK and the iTunes uploader. I had to retry 20 times, but the result is there, V2.0 is in review and now it’s all in Apple’s hands…


4 thoughts on “iDuelpro Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch update

    • Which specs? More information about what iDuelpro is?

      “iDuelpro Mobile is a yugioh tcg lifepoints calculator based on Duelpro 2008 and iDuelpro for Mac. With iDuelpro Mobile you can easily keep track of both player’s lifepoints and the amount of cards in both player’s decks. It automatically reports which player has lost and which player has won, a draw is of course als opossible. So iDuelpro Mobile provides everything you need to keep track of your game status wherever you are.

      Available in the iTunes App Store!”

  1. I will do my best to convert Duelpro to flash, but I’m currently not in the possession of software for flash creation so it will probably take a while. But it’s a great idea, we’re always looking for ways to expand our cross platform development for Duelpro.

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