Wanted : Hosting for 36-image converter!

Since the release of version 4.5, 36-image converter became massively popular. If Download.com would work we would be in the top 20 even top 15 of the most downloaded image editors on the earth, but that takes us to the next problem. Download.com doesn’t work and still has an old version online instead of the new version, which can’t be uploaded because upload.com isn’t working properly. So to make a long story short, our servers can’t handle the traffic which 36-image converter brings with it. 

So if anyone knows a great (free/cheap) hosting service with more than 1 Gb of traffic and direct linking allowed, that would be great.

Please reply if you know a good hosting site.

Renzo Verleysen
Executive Developer/Project Leader UIC Phoenxsoftware


2 thoughts on “Wanted : Hosting for 36-image converter!

    • Ok, but I don’t really understand your website so you are going to have to explain prices, terms and bandwidth.
      I hope we can cooperate, since the hosting will only be required for max 2 months.

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