36-image Express, the successor of 36IC!

We know it all, 36-image converter is slow, irritatingly slow. It uses about 140.000Kb of memory and takes up to 30 seconds to load. That’s why we have started the development of 36-image Express, Codenamed “Dragonfly”.

36-image Express will be (or is already) able to open images of any size where 36-image converter is limited to the screen size. Currently it only takes 36.000Kb after opening an image with dimensions 1600×1200. Smaller images, a 400×500 image for example only takes up to 13.260Kb of memory. This is a difference of more than 110.000Kb with the current 36-image converter 4.5. 36Ix can currently open all filetypes 36IC4.5 can open except PII/PIIRAW and can convert to bmp. Bitmaps are enough to empower the 36IC conversion technology, so it only takes about an hour to enable full conversion to 21 filetypes in the current Development Alpha build 21.

36Ix will also features an easier system to navigate images without even clicking a mousebutton or pushing a button.
In the near future 36Ix will be able to mass process images for conversion enabling superfast batch conversion.

36-image Express and the Dragonfly project will be the future of 36IC so 36IC6 will probably be called : Dragonfly.
In this way we will rebuild 36-image converter from scratch keeping track of all the downsides.


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