36-image converter 4.5 is packed!

I just finished packing 36IC 4.5 when I noticed that it is officially 25% smaller in size than its predecessor. Sunday you may expect a 36-image converter which weighs 7.10Mb and is able to change color/theme and adapt its window size to the screen resolution to display large images. 

Now we still have to make the new dashboard channels, make a webpage that opens at the end of the uninstall process to enable the user to download a patch for the file reset bug when they are experiencing problems.

So in this way, I hope that all complaints will quit. I don’t want to hear any more : “This is crap, it can only open up to 800×600 images”, “it ruined my system, I can’t open images anymore” and “It’s useless I can’t see the interface”.
Because this fixes the most common bugs and shortcomings of 36IC 4.4 “Ninja”.

After this release I’m going to take a break and after that I’m going to concentrate on project GraveRobber, which up till now remains a well kept secret. But this means ROC 1.1 will have to wait till February.


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