36-image converter 4.5 handles file size, image size and visibility

iPhix Dev has initiated development of 36-image converter 4.5.1 (Chameleon). As you might expect “Chameleon” comes with adjustable themes. This adjustable themes are needed to make 36-image converter’s interface, supported by DXGL (DirectX Graphical Layer), visible for anyone. Even people with very low contrast settings will be able to change the default twilight theme to a fluorescent green theme (Called “Ooze”). 

Another major improvement is the ability of 36-image converter to snap its window to the screen size. If you have a 800×600 screen, 36IC will be able to display 800×600 images for editing, if you have a 1024×800, it will be able to display 1024×800 image, and so on… 
So if you wanna complain about this in the future, buy a bigger screen or a more powerful graphics card. 

The third remaining issue “Chameleon” handles is that sometimes it does not restore the filetypes set by Extension Manager after uninstall. The uninstaller will now display a page where you can download a restoration patch after to set a number of selected image extensions back to certain applications. 

The last important change is the filesize. We will do our best to make 36-image converter lighter for your hard disk. We will put the Stock photography in the “Extra”-section of the DashBoard, the images in the help will be put online and executables will be merged.

Together with some small bugfixes this will be a major improvement to version 4.4. You won’t see many new features in 36IC4.5, but a solid base will be put down to make room for more new functions and existing issues will be adressed.


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