First Mac OSX application released : iDuelpro Widget 1.0!

We broke our bounds with Microsoft today by releasing the first application for Mac OSX, actually a DashBoard Widget : iDuelpro Widget 1.0. IDPRw is based on Duelpro 2008 for windows and is a lifepoints calculator for the yugioh! tcg. It does not have the same amount of functions because it is only a widget, but is still as useful as primitive versions of Duelpro and has basic functionality. It has already been uploaded to the Apple Widget Download pages and will be available for download this weekend. Our site hasn’t been updated yet because of Dreamweaver 8 problems.


iDuelPro Widget Screenshot

iDuelPro Widget Screenshot

This is only a first step. iDuelpro 2008 will follow as a full application for Mac OSX on intel PC’s and iDuelpro will probably be released for the Iphone as well.

It is our plan to release the following applications on Mac : Duelpro 2008, LockPhix, ROC, SpeedShut and LoadDown. New applications like the library variant of 36-image converter may follow.

iDuelpro Widget can be downloaded here >


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