Poll : What would you like to see in 36-image converter?


11 thoughts on “Poll : What would you like to see in 36-image converter?

  1. I’m happy to say that we are building a new improved 36-image converter which will fix the following issues :

    -More output filetypes
    -More input filetypes
    -Multiple Language support
    -Shorter loading times
    -Support for bigger images
    -A new interface
    -Batch functions
    -Decrease in use of resources (Memory/CPU/HD usage)

    This version will be called 36-image Express and will be released on certain dates as alpha/beta/milestone builds. This version is much lighter and more carefully and efficiently developed.

    It is expected to be a day versus night improvement.

    UIC Phoenxsoftware

  2. Blue on black? What were you thinking? You didn’t want to use the same colors as everybody else, such as black on white. But there’s a reason everybody else uses that. If they found blue on black readable, that would be the one that everybody uses.

    Aside from that, I was looking for something that I could open an icon file with and then change it. I did not find a way to do that, either because there isn’t one or because I could not read the screen.

    • The interface will be changed to a more readable theme in about a week or two. Yeah, it would be much nicer if it would have the boring windows theme, or if it would be as unhandy as the GIMP, we took a risk and for most people it works but for people who have eye problems or messed up color configurations it isn’t working out. By the way, you can also change the theme to a green one, which is slightly more readable, but some screens are so messed up that even fluorescent green on black is nearly invisible.

      You can open icons, edit them and save them to a normal 32×32 icon. We do not support multi-layered icons as 36IC is not an icon workshop. Photoshop doesn’t support icons as well so why would other image editors?

  3. My PC runs on Windows XP Pro SP2 the cpu is 1.3 Ghz ram 384 MB when I tried your product for the first time it freezes, second time freeze third time I open task manager and check the process while start 36IC and it runs the cpu to full 100% for more than 3 minutes and you know, FREEZE!!!!

    • Your PC seems too old to run 36-image converter. 36IC uses DirectX, the same prerequisite many games use, to maintain a large amount of input filetypes and to perform difficult graphical operations.

      36IC 4.5 uses an average of 170Mb of memory, windows uses 170mb as well, which makes 340Mb, so you will probably only have 44Mb left, which crashes your PC. In some cases 36IC can run on 256Mb ram if there is enough graphical memory or when the CPU is powerful enough, this doesn’t seem the case.

      You can try 36-image express instead which is much lighter or you can wait until this weekend when 36-image converter 4.6 will be released which is much lighter for your system than the current release. 36IC 4.6 will use approximately 75% less memory and 30% less CPU, so we will notify you in this thread when the new version is released if you would like that.

  4. I downloaded this because it came up on a search as a program which would convert *.tub files to jpg or gif, which it doesn’t! It is also impossible to read.

    • I would have gladly fixed all the issues years ago, but since about a year or 2 36-image converter has been officially discontinued. So I suggest downloading a different image converter.

  5. The thing is… I can understand why it was discontinued. Some of the tech department guys that have left comments here could probably figure out how to use it… but (and not to be dramatic) it was THE MOST USER UNFRIENDLY program I have ever seen in my life. I know that sounds strong… but it’s true. I never could figure out how to even get an image in there to convert! It is not for public dissemination. Maybe, if you do it again, you can just try to target tech geeks. I assume there is some merit to the program, but the average computer user will just click the buttons, try to hit the convert button, etc. It was not a workable program at all, whatsoever, by anyone’s measure. Sorry. I know it sounds harsh, but it really, really, really, really, really had no way of explaining to a user how to even begin to utilize the program. It just sat there like a rock. oh yeah, it did say something about “scale out of bounds” a lot of times. Horrificly, horrifyingly Horrible!

    • It was indeed discontinued because it was unsalvageable. That’s why we created 36-image express. It’s way more clean than 36IC. But old nonetheless.

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