UIC Phoenxsoftware is not dead!

For a moment I thought about quitting the development of all applications currently in the research queue of UIC Phoenxsoftware. But I won’t, certainly there are going to be some changes. These changes will come in response to the bad comments on Download.com. As a result 36-image converter will be developed by a new section of UIC Phoenxsoftware “iPhix Dev”. This new section will be responsible for the development of 36-image converter and eventual other image related applications. All other applications will still be developed by UIC Phoenxsoftware.

What difference will this make to the current activities at UIC Phoenxsoftware? 
Well 36IC will not be updated as often. We noticed that big updates once in a few months have an even bigger impact than small updates every week and are more efficient. So now we will take the time to develop new features and fix current issues considering the visibility of the interface, the fact that it can only handle images up to 800×600 pixels and the issue that 36IC does not have batch functions. So the new version of 36IC will be called “Snowy owl”.


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