Release : 36-image converter (+the future)

Today we released 36-image converter This is a major update of the history panel and the Brush Gallery. The Brush Gallery already contained 10 brushes to start with and this update adds another 15. You can now also toggle the Brushes by using the F3 function key. It will be online on by tomorrow.

The release of 36-image converter 4.4.5 is not the only thing that we would like to announce today. We our going to give a sneak preview towards the coming month.

A few comments by people with zero knowledge of the matter won’t stop us from improving our image converter at high speed. Since our application is considered useless, we are going to add the most valuable function in all image editing applications. We can announce that within a few weeks we are going to add layers to our image converter. For these layers we are going to use “Black Screen” (comparable to Blue Screen, but in software terms). This means that every layer will be saved separately and put back into place with applied transparency afterwards. Layers will be available for selections, painting functions and for effects and masks. This means that the resizing/rotating options won’t be available if layers are used, so you will have to rasterize the image first before resizing.

Before we can add this drastic change we will have to get the Brush Gallery out of its BETA phase and we will also have to update the architecture once again. This will take 36-image converter to the next level and once again one step closer to becoming a free alternative for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.


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